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Loretta (lorettalucia) Discuss below. Sorry for the extreme delay in opening the thread.

Carol (goodreadscomcarolann) I like how Samuel (by Lee's request) helps Adam out of his depression (by hitting him which is not in his nature) and then they name the twins by going to the bible and looking at Cain and Abel but change it.

Cathy is truly horrible with regards to Faye, she poisons her, physically hurts her and eventually kills her. Only alcohol can overcome her control and weaken her abilities.

Denise (momtoconnor) I am really starting to hate Cathy. I feel so bad for Faye. But as much as I hate Cathy, I love Samuel and I think it's great that Lee is the one taking care of the babies.

Juliette I don't understand all. I think that's why she intrigues me more than bringing up feelings of anger. I don't understand why she wants Faye's brothel. She made it clear she didn't want to be out in California, she told Adam that a dozen times, I don't understand why she works in a brothel so close to Adam, and stays there and sets up shop, I don't think she needed to kill Faye to get $$$ if that's what she wants. I don't understand what it is she wants, and maybe she doesn't either, I think the narrator mentioned that earlier in the book, that Cathy didn't know what she wanted. But I do know that she did NOT want to be in California.

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Amanda (mrspickett) I agree with Juliette that Cathy's actions are a little confusing after she told Adam how much she wanted out of California. The only thing that I can figure is how Steinbeck says that she takes her time in formulating and carrying out a plan. She may have some masterplan to use the money from the brothel to get somewhere else, or it could just be plain evil. It is apparent that she likes to play with people so maybe all of this with Faye is just being evil and not really about the brothel at all.

As much as I loathe Cathy, I love Samuel.

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Mary (attorneymom) Playing catch up ... I was blown away by Steinbeck's writing and insights in this section. He's good. :)

Catherine / Cathy / Kate is pure evil. She is one of the more disturbing characters I've come across in literature. Evil without clear motive (seemingly so). *shiver*

Lahni Adam doesn't even seem to remember what Cathy looked like. I'm worried that Kate with her dark hair and coincidental scar will somehow worm her way back into Trask family somehow.

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