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I went on a retreat on October 22- 23 with my church. There, I learned alot about God, and the bible. We did a scavenger hunt to see God in nature, but i saw God through my confirmation class.
I had told me story, and I thought they were going to, idk, hate me. But that wasnt the case. They hugged me, andtold me they were there for me. I felt a sense of unity with in the whole group, and saw God through each and every one of them! =)

Madeline♪♥♫ (knitworld) | 38 comments Mod
I see God whenever my friends come to my youth group with me and become better people!

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Madeline♪♥♫ (knitworld) | 38 comments Mod
Yay! It's soooo amazing to watch my awesome friend become a better christian! She used to sometimes be mean, but now, because of the beauty of God, she is super nice, even to the kids that aren't so cool!! High-Five God for that one!!

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i love seeing this type of transformation =)

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Garrison | 14 comments i once knew a woman who had two brain aneurisms
or a blood vessel swelling inside your brain
the doctors said she had a 95% chance of dieing
and if she lived then she would be a vegetable for the rest of her life
she said to him
"do you believe in Jesus?"
he said yes
she then said
"then shut up about this, im gonna go on living"
she is perfectly fine now

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Garrison | 14 comments i saw God in her

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a vegetable??? really?
make your own god sighting tab!!!

Madeline♪♥♫ (knitworld) | 38 comments Mod
thats pretty amazing. wow. the power of God just never stops! its a gift that keeps on giving!! Team Jesus!

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Ariana  (arianaragon) | 1 comments im BACK :)

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