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Twain's Satire

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Mr. Hollis | 3 comments Mod
Read (or reread) chapters 16 to 24. Consider the episode between the two families (The Shepardson's and Grangerford's), and the antics of The King and The Duke. How do these two stories work as a sort of critical or satirical comment made by Mark Twain on the society and/or personal ambitions of Americans in the mid-18th century?

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Leticia | 3 comments The sherperdson and the other family don’t like each other at all there has been this strong disagreement that has never been resolved but it has carried on from generation to generation, “Well, then, what did you want to kill him for?…Why nothing-only it’s on a count of the feud…” It’s kind of like Wilson’s passages (the one we did in class environmentalist vs. anti-environmentalist) there is a feud has been going on for years, the family/people argue but they never get anywhere. Unfortunately this feud ends with Sofia running away with her forbidden love and with the death of two young boys. Mark Twain uses Satire to show how pointless this feud was…that caused the death of two boys who don’t know anything about what this “feud” is all about.

The King and the Duke are two corrupt frauds. They need help to escape “justice” and Jim and Huck help them out but they lie about being royalty. Huck eventually finds out that they are lying about there origin, but Huck still plays along he figures it better that way even though the “royalty” is taking advantage of Jim and him. They take there bed and they basically making them due what ever they want to do with them too. They King and Duke plan to do a play on Romeo and Juliet but that was a total disaster although they though it was going to be a success but still although people didn’t like they still encouraged their frinds to come and watch it so they could too loose their money. This is also another way Twain uses satire in this section of the book he shows how people can pay for something they don’t like and still tell their friends its great it like a cycle. It also shows how when you agree to a lie it just keeps getting bigger and you end up being taken advantage of.

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Jasmine De Leon | 3 comments The feud between the Shepardson's and the Grangerford's has been going on for generations. Most or even all of them don’t even know why or what they’re fight for. It’s just a pointless fight with no winners. The hatred that these two families have, even though they don’t know where it came from, is the only thing this feud going on for so long. “’Did you want to kill him, Buck?’ ‘Well, I bet I did.’ ‘What did he do to you?’ ‘Him? He never done nothing to me.’ Well, then, what did you want to kill him for?’ ‘Why nothing –only it’s on account of the feud.’ ‘Well’, says Buck, ‘a feud is this way. A man has a quarrel with another man, and kills him; then that other man’s brother kills him; then other brothers, on both sides, goes for one another; then the cousins chip in—and by-and-by everybody is killed off, and there ain’t no more feud. But it’s kind of slow, and it takes a long time.’” It’s funny how this quote clearly shows how simple and pointless this feud really is. Buck says himself that he has nothing against Harney Shepherdson, the man that Buck shot at and tried to kill. Harney has not done anything to Buck, so why does he want to kill him? It’s because of the feud. Buck justifies killing another man based on feud that occurred a long time ago. Twain uses this satire to show the audience how uncivilized the society of Americans in the mid-18th century truly are. The people during this time thought of themselves as intelligent and civilized beings. However, demonstrated in this quote, that’s not the case. In reality, they are simple beings that would do anything if others direct them to. The Shepardson’s and the Grangerford’s continued this feud just because they were taught to hate the other. They had no other reason but that.

The King and the Duke were frauds. They deceived others for their own benefit. The thing that was funny about these two frauds antics is that they were able to fool all those people into doing what they wanted. “’What we want, is to go out of here quiet, and talk this show up, and sell the rest of town! Then we’ll all be in the same boat. Ain’t that sensible? All right, then—not a word about any sell. Go along home, and advise everyone to come and see the tragedy.’” This is exactly what the King and Duke wanted. The people think that they are the ones in control but in reality it’s the two frauds. Twain used satire in this quote to show the audience the true nature of people during this time. These supposedly intelligent people were so easily fooled by these men. The point that Twain was trying to illustrate by this satire was that the society at this time was nothing like they thought there were.

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Silvia Meza | 2 comments The Shepardson and Grangerford families are completely enemies and sometimes want to kill each other for unknown reasons. Mark Twain shows satire because the hate between these two families is ridiculous and dumb it is to fight which leads to no where! and causes over reactions and and makes the situation bigger then they originally were.

The King and the Duke where in need of finding someone to help them escaping a town. They made themselves seem royal and innocent and Jim and Huck fell for it; and helped them out. Jim and Huck treated them like royalty and respect. Later on, the Duke and King decided to make a short play of a shake spear play which ended up to be a total rip off just for the king and duke to earn money. The audience was so embarrassed because they were ripped off but they didn't even get mad at the Duke and King. Instead, they lied and and the rest of the town so they can go see it too and get ripped off as well. This is when all the satire comes in because instead of the people helping out others and telling them the play was horrible and a total rip off, they went on and lied about it. They took out there anger on the people they know instead of complete strangers.

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