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Gender in SFF Reading Challenge 2012

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Pippi Bluestocking (pippibluestocking) | 1 comments Hi everyone. I thought you might be interested in this small reading challenge I am hosting:


It focuses on the 'canon' of gender/feminist SFF, with a few interesting additions. You're welcome to participate and share your reviews. I was very hesitant to make it because anything that has the title of 'feminist' is apparently a no-no (I even got some 'friendly' banter from -female, yes, female- friends when they saw how I stated explicitly on my blog that I'm a feminist). But I did it anyway, so I can share the pleasure with people like you and perhaps help those interested have a starting point.

I think more people need to know about the awesome books that exist out there, so feel free to share :)

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Taylor (seffietay) Great list of books!!

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Theresa Ramseyer How did you like TSTS? I read it last year or the year before last, and really enjoyed it.


Jaq wrote: "I was going to ask what constitutes feminist SFF but the list gives a good idea. As it happens I read The Ship That Sang with a local SFF group recently."

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