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This is Mrs.Owens office, she's one of the headteachers, most students feel like they can tell her everything, but be warned, most of the time she's not in

Florangel *Hottest Nurse to ever walk the Earth* (xxflorangelxx) | 60 comments it's not the first time Jasper had been sent to an office...but it's the first time he'd been sent due to his cat...he shouldn't have named it Karma...

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Mrs.Owens opened the door and let him in, she was known as one of the nice head's of the school, "Jasper, you're lucky you weren't sent to Mr.Lastrey's office, he'd of had your head" she said and sat down

Florangel *Hottest Nurse to ever walk the Earth* (xxflorangelxx) | 60 comments "Karma isn't used to people Ma'am." he said. he himself was astonished to hear himself being this...this nice. "It was scared when herds of those girls wanted to scratch off its ears." he was still standing in front of her desk. "I'm sorry for its misbehavior."

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"Its okay Jasper I understand, but we need to figure out a way to stop this from happening," Mrs.Owens said, she gave him a look that said 'Sit down' in a kind and warm sort of way

Florangel *Hottest Nurse to ever walk the Earth* (xxflorangelxx) | 60 comments he sat down. well, at least she's nice. he thought. "uh, it wouldn't have attacked then if they didn't bother it. i mean, it was sleeping on my bag thinking it was safe and then they'd started cuddling it. Karma is wild and doesn't like to be cuddled in anyway unless it wanted too."

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"Maybe you could just get the message out that this cat does not like to be stroked?" Mrs.Owens said, looking at him

Florangel *Hottest Nurse to ever walk the Earth* (xxflorangelxx) | 60 comments "Uh, that's the problem." he said stirring uneasily, "it's cute...and girls can't help but just cuddle it."

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"Its its their own fault they got attacked by it, but still, maybe you could consider casting a spell on the cat?" she said,

Florangel *Hottest Nurse to ever walk the Earth* (xxflorangelxx) | 60 comments "uh...did i mention the itsy bitsy detail that my mother cast a spell on it to dispel any spell cast on it?" he said. "it's bloodline had been in the family for years so my crazy mother had this idea of 'protecting' it."

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"Right" She said, thinking, "Well, I don't want you to get rid of it, it seems to be a lovely cat, with, minor floors," she said and sat up, "Put it in a cage with a note saying 'Lethal cat inside'..." Mrs.Owens said

Florangel *Hottest Nurse to ever walk the Earth* (xxflorangelxx) | 60 comments "Uh...that cat can't be cage...i swear i tried it but it has this weird thing going moment it's in the cage locked up then it's free again trying to be cute to attack anyone who tried to stroke it."

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"Or you just keep it in your dorm? you could just mention it in assembly?" Mrs.Owens said

Florangel *Hottest Nurse to ever walk the Earth* (xxflorangelxx) | 60 comments "Uh...i don't have a dorm room yet...i kindda just arrived here." he said shrugging.

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Mrs.Owens took out the dorm book, she flipped threw it, "Well, we can put you in with Damien and Thom?" she said

Florangel *Hottest Nurse to ever walk the Earth* (xxflorangelxx) | 60 comments "Er...Sure as long as they don't touch the cat." he said.

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((Illa go make tee dorm))

Mrs.owens stood up, "Follow me," she said.

Florangel *Hottest Nurse to ever walk the Earth* (xxflorangelxx) | 60 comments Jasper nodded and followed the head Head mistress.

((i can decorate my charrie's space right?))

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((Yes :P))

Mrs.Owens showed him to the dorm

((Okay, over to the dorm :P))

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Andrea hesitated outside of the Headmistresses office. She wanted to talk to someone about some of her struggles, but who? It seemed a bit strange to go to Mrs. Owens, of all people, but finally, she made herself knock on the door.

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Mrs.Owens opened the door, "Ah, Adrea," she said, her smile warm, Mrs.Owens seemed to know everyone's name of by heart, even though the Academy had only been open for what, 3 days?

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"Mrs. Owens." Andy gasped, surprised that the headmistress knew her name. "I was just...wanting to talk to someone." she said honestly.

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Mrs.Owens smiled warmly and let her in, closing the door behind Andy she said "Is everything okay?"

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Andy sighed. "Quite honestly, I'm not sure. I feel like I'm not unique. I spent the first ten years of my life being told by my family that I'm nothing more than worthless!"

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Mrs.Owens sat down, she gave her a look that too asked her to sit down, "Andrea, Your not worthless, you're just as amazing as everyone student in this school, don't let family get you down" she said, "You are unique, We've been watching you Adrea, you are Unique!"

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Andrea sat down opposite Mrs. Owens and looked into her earnest eyes. She couldn't help but smile. Mrs. Owens really did care for each and every student. That's why she had started the school: to help kids like her. "You've been watching me?" she repeated, her smiled still sad.

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"Well of course, Andrea you are like no other student in the school, no other student is like you, you are brave, Andrea, My home life was never good, but look at me now, surrounded by amazing students," Mrs.Owens said, smiling

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Andrea smiled. "You're so amazing!" she blurted out. "You make me smile when I'm unhappy and insecure. You make me feel special and unique." she smiled widely. "Thank you."

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Mrs.Owens smiled softly, "That's what I'm here for," she said,

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"When did you decide to make a school like this?" Andy asked, curiously. "It's really amazing." she smiled.

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"A few years back, it took a lot of planning, we figured all you unique student's weren't safe in the real world." Mrs.Owens said

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"It's probably true." Andy agreed, then tilted her head curiously. "If you don't mind my asking..." she hesitated. How could she phrase this without making it sound weird? "What...species are you?" she asked, embarrassed.

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"I Am Vampire" Mrs.Owens said, her voice warm and opening,

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((Sorry, I need to go. I would post, but I'm leaving in five seconds. I'll be back in a few hours. bye!))

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((Ok :P))

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Andrea nodded. "Vampire?" she repeated, thinking that the headmistress was extremely pretty for a vampire.

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"Yes" Mrs.Owens smiled.

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"Do you know any of your family?" Andy asked, feeling nosy.

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"A few, Here and there" Mrs.Owens said, not minding telling her

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"To be quite honest," Andy admitted. "I just wanted someone to shoot the breeze with." she smiled apologetically.

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"Its okay young Andrea, I can trust you" she smiled,

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"Could you tell me where my dorm is?" Andy asked. "It's my first year here and I have no idea about anything."

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"Of course, do you know who you're sharing with?" Mrs.Owens asked

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"Alec McGiver, I believe." Andy answered.

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"And Alice Ashlinn.." Mrs.Owens said

((Thats my character :P we were going to share a dorm I think, i haven't actually made her yet))

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((Yeah, the three of us were going to share. :) ))

"Yes, I believe so." Andy smiled. "How do I get there?" she asked.

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"I can take you," Mrs.Owens smiled, "But, I'm teaching your art class in a second"

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"Thank you," Andy nodded.

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((Skip to art?!))

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((Uhh...yeah, sure. :) ))

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