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The Power Of Words

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Claire Gong The Book Thief is definitely an astonishing book with one of the best narrator. The book is not made up of big, fancy words that lacks meaning, but instead, the creative and careful wording, as well as the perspective in Death's narrating has caught my eye.

The word choice shows a simplicity of style, but are also extremely effective in expressing the various themes of this book, such as death and dying, literature, guilt, friendship, human nature, and the conflicts between man and a society.

One of the recurring, also my personal favorite,theme of the story is the power of literature. From learning how to read, Liesel has come to discovered many things she never knew before, such like how important it is to express oneself.

It seems like words are basically the main thing that keeps her alive in the bleak world, that keeps her to encourage others in this chaos caused by warfare. When everything in her life is messed up, reading nad writing takes her out of this world. Maybe that's part of the reason why she is so attracted to books. Even more than bread.

Words can become the tool to brainwash the people when it's used by Nazis. Words can become the strength to rescue and comfort people's minds when it's used by Liesel.I am amazed by that. I am also amazed by how the powerful words in this story can generate such a resonance in my brain as I am reading the book.

"Trust me, though, the words were on their way, and when they arrived, Liesel would hold them in her hands like the clouds, and she would wring them out, like the rain (Zusak 85)".

Karl Words are great, I agree. Quantum. Paradox. Bovine.

These are some of my favourite words.

Libby Words keep her alive in her bleak world but also kept her alive literally. She was reading in the basement when the bombs hit her street so reading saved her.

Doron Yam It seems, once again, that the pen is mightier than the sword.
In more serious attitude, I would say (and wrote in my recomendation) that it is the best book I read in a decade. It has lots of unique pans to it but since the subject is words, I will stick to it.
Yes, through the 1930's, since Hitler wrote his book and until the very end of the horrible war, he used words, only words, to sweap up the people. It was not so hard, regarding the terrible state of the german people (since the end of the war in late 1910's). The people there would belive anyone that would promise them better lives, especially if there is someone to put the blame on (jews, mainly). It was only words...
In this story, words are tsking a very important part of the plot. Mainly because its Liesel's place to hide from world and secondly because of the time and place, as I mentioned (there are parts in the book that the power of Hitler words are mentioned, wether its about the book he wrote - the Main Kampf - or wether its the youth groups that are blindfully going in the wrong way).
I read the story translated to hebrew. The langauge was easy and narrator chose his words carefully. Even the sort-of-speak of those particular times was writen well and fit to general mood of the book.

I am sorry for lack of words in english to express what I want. I hope I got my massage.
Also, sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Sara This book had me in tears half the time. And most of it was do the wording, it continuously painted the most vivid pictures in my mind.

Jules:) Doron wrote: "It seems, once again, that the pen is mightier than the sword.
In more serious attitude, I would say (and wrote in my recomendation) that it is the best book I read in a decade. It has lots of uni..."

I completely agree! A brilliant piece of literature...destined to be a classic I think. One of the reasons I loved Liesel was the fact that she was a lover of's nice finding a kindred spirit in a book:)

Mikaela markus zusak is an unforgettable author. his words and little poems were wondrous and it was just an awe-inspiring read

Ella This book has one of the best narrations of all time. Death is such a creative but also perfect way to make the book get the point it was trying to make across. The descriptions in this book show feeling and power. The power of words is indescribable.

Katrina Welsh This is, by far, my all time favourite book. His writing is unbelievable and you just fall in love with the characters, even Death himself. Zusak breathed life into such an unusual, yet perfect narrator. Death had such an interesting personality.

There's an English class in the year above me that is studying this book, so I'm really keen for next year.

I really hope that Zusak plans on publishing other works. Does anyone know whether or not he's working on a project?

Rajat Glenda wrote: "I love the way this book was written!! Instead of sounds being heard they are tasted, instead of visions being seen they are heard, and instead of death being something like the grim reeper he has ..."

I found the usage of words pretty amazing and the imagery used by Zusak strange and fascinating. The Language is not simple and probably rightly so as the times were not simple as well...and it makes me wonder at the consciousness which gave rise to such literature. Stunning!

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