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message 1: by Dee (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dee So the second novel is a bit different then the first in it's structure. Did you like the multiple point of views in the first? I want to ask this first, because in the second book we are getting the story all from Meena's point of view. Do you think this was more beneficial? I liked that I got more of Meena in this one, because I felt like I got more into her head, whereas the first one she came off a bit flaky because of the choppy chapters that switched from character to character.

Diana | 234 comments Mod
I don't see a difference in change of views, but I am noticing a lot more Meena which I love, since like you said we're in her head. I'm feeling a lot more emotion from her this time around.
And I like the way this one is set up in parts a little better, mainly because, honestly, during Insatiable I kind of stopped paying attention to the opening locations at the start of the chapters.
But then again this one takes place in a few days and the first had a lot longer time span.

Roberta Chai (Lady with so many stories) | 3 comments I felt like I kind of prejudged Meena as not that bright. But I just loves her.

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