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Sandra (sandee) | 328 comments I finally have a place to put all my reviews and hopefully people will comment on them.

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Sandra (sandee) | 328 comments The First book that I would like to Review is You Deserve Nothing

This book was hard for me to read, since I am a teacher and I work with high school students everyday. I always think of the students as children, which is what they are. I could not imagine how this awful man could have an affair with a student, but you get to see it from the other side. I will not go into detail and spoil the book for anyone reading this book or anyone that wants to read it, but it just makes you feel strange.

It is very well written and I enjoyed the classroom scenes and the rapport that this teacher is able to build with his students, but this seems to start to deteriorate throughtout the novel.

I would suggest people read this book. For it to make you feel this much, it has to be well written.

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Sandra (sandee) | 328 comments Oh my...The Night Circus This book was amazing. I cannot believe that it was just written, for some reason I feel like I was reading a book written at least 100 years ago. I don't want to ruin this for anyone by saying too much...I will just should read this book.

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