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The school was based upon four founders - Helena Darcy, Gregor Heggar, Gabrielle Rogers, and Stephan Kitters. The four founders represented the four types of mythology - Greek, Egyptian, Roman, and Norse.

The Founders

Helena Darcy was the daughter of Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom, battle, and the arts. She was a gifted woman, who actually outlived all of the other founders. Her bloodline is the only one out of the four founders that has lasted, and her last living descendant, James Darcy, is the current headmaster for this reason. All of her descendants kept her maiden name to honor the great woman who represented the Roman culture at the Institute of Demi-Gods. She died at the age of 102.

Gregor Heggar was the son of Nephthys, the lesser-known sister of Osiris, Isis, Set(h), and Horus, Egyptian goddess. He was a quiet, studious man who often kept to himself. He never married, never had kids, and died early at the age of 55. His line never did continue, and ended with Gregor himself.

Gabrielle Rogers was the daughter of Demeter, Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility. She was a cheerful woman who saw the best in others. She had 5 children - the father unknown, but rumored to be Stephan Kitters (not proven). She lived to the age of 91, just mere years before the next founder would die. She lived the second shortest life. Her last descendant was killed in the French Revolution.

Stephan Kitters was the son of Freyja, Norse goddess of love, sexuality, fertility, and battle. He was a writer-type, very poetic and romantic. He had a reputation for wooing women of the land; he was a heart-breaker of the era. He lived second longest, dying at the age of 96, four years before Helena Darcy died.

Troubles Within their Foursome

If there was one thing that Gregor Heggar hid from the world, it was his homosexuality. This proved to be an issue, as he fell madly in love with his co-founder, Stephan Kitters, who was heterosexual. Now; this would not have been a major issue, had Stephan not been pursuing Helena. Helena never showed any romantic interest in Stephan, and was married with children. Stephan then turned to Gabrielle Rogers, who had been a known lover of Stephan's at some point. They never did marry, but the five children of Gabrielle's are rumored to have been fathered by Stephan Kitters. It is said that Helena Darcy outlived the others because she stayed clear of the romantic tangle.

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