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What's your favorite candy?

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Andrew my most favorite candy is moon rocks!!!!!!

Danielle I thought the time traveling one was cool. I will have to look back in the books to remember some of the other candies.

Andrew ya the "sands of time" or whatever. personaly i think all the candies are awesome.

Valerie I like them all, but I guess I love the one that makes you fly the most. Too bad you don't get wings!

Andrew ya moon rocks are pretty cool. okay i've decided that my favorite is the sand candy is my favorite.

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I thought the mirror mints were the most interesting. Weird to imagine that it isn't just a wall behind the mirror.

Britt I liked them all! And still can't decide on a favorite.

Jess I loved mirror mints, and moon rocks, and brain feed, and... well, all of them.
I read this book a while ago when I was in early middle school, so I didn't catch it, but apparently Mull wrote a line around the melting pot mixers that caused some controversy (don't remember exactly what it was) but I really just wish people would look past a mistake that can't really be fixed and appreciate the genius that Mull put in to this book. Still one of my favourites. :o)

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Yeah, the melting pot mixers didn't bode well with a lot of the fans. I've seen many accuse him of racism, and plenty others got upset. I think they didn't particularly like that Summer could tell she had become Asian just by feeling her eyes.

I agree that he could deal with race better in his writing, but I love his books anyway.

Andrew yeah i agree. but how did she know she was Asian? I mean for all we know she could of had chinese eyes or something. but like Maxy said i still love his books

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*cough*China is a part of Asia, but I know what you mean*cough*

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Jess I agree with Maxy: Mull didn't handle it in the best way possible (one of the other kids could have told her what she looked like) but I still appreciate his writing. I'm sure he's been told by many people that he messed up, but there's nothing he can do about it now. Also, I believe the editors should have suggested a re-write of that section.
Also, though I'm not trying to downsize kids' intelligence or the issue of racism, a lot of children including myself did not find that section of the book inslting to a particular race. I didn't give it a second glance. I don't want to turn this thread into a complaint post about The Candy Shop War, so I'll end my part of it this way: everyone's beautiful/handsome. Yippee!! :)

Andrew oops. sorry i forgot. * embarrassed*

Andrew SHWEET!

Andrew YEPPITY YEP! a total classic. nice to meet you ryan

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Aisling I think either moon rocks or brain feed because my dog would probably have some very interesting things to say. Does any one else have a pet that would say some interesting stuff? If so ,what would he/she say?

Readingowl15 I have to agree with most of you. It was definetly MOON ROCKS!!!!!!

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Aisling Wouldn't it be so cool to be able to jump like that and completally blow someone's mind!

Kjorban I like the brain feeds. I'd love to talk to my dog!

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Brain feeds or moon rocks!

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Neko sweet teeth would be awesome.

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Ava Brian feed for my dog!

Rachel moon rocks or brain feeds... I have to look back to remember the others

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Neko Sweet teeth would be awesome for debate team.

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Tanner Gilman i really liked the mirror mints so i would not have to travel by car any more

Kaedon Apezteguia Brandon has a way of stating things like they are, so I think the supposed racism wasn't bad or anything. He was just stating like it would happen, and I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

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