Out of Oz (The Wicked Years, #4) Out of Oz question

need to read entire series?
Lauren Farmer Lauren Nov 02, 2011 06:52PM
I loved Wicked, but could never get into Son of a Witch. Should I jump right into this book or read the rest of the series first?

So, Barbara, what did you think when you got to the end? I am interested to know if anyone else was as disappointed at the end as I was?

Barbara Cherie, I was also disappointed in the end but not sorry that I read it. It seem anticlimactic. When she got to the ocean I thought "duh, why didn't I ...more
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If you jump right into the book, you'll be in the dark about a lot of the characters/circumstances that they refer back to. Out of Oz builds on the events that happened in Son of a Witch and A Lion Among Men, so reading them first would make it a much more enjoyable read.

Wicked stands on it's own; Son of a Witch, A Liong Among Men, and Out of Oz work as a set. If you can't get into Son of a Witch, I don't think this'll work for you (and they really work as a trio, I never felt complete until I'd finished all of them).

Barbara (last edited Nov 21, 2011 10:04PM ) Nov 21, 2011 10:01PM   0 votes
If you loved Wicked then I think you should go back and read the others before the last one. I re-read Son of a Witch before reading A Lion Among Men (and I rarely re read any book) and skimmed Lion before starting Out of Oz. The second one was even better in the second reading so if you stick with it you might like it. They're a little overwhelming so a palate cleansing romance in between is recommended :)
I'm only on page 120 of Out of Oz and I'm drawing it out rather than speed reading it. This series is one of my all time favorites. Enjoy!

You don't need to read Son of a Witch or A Lion Among Men to understand this book. There are brief recaps of the previous books at the beginning of this one, and the book reminds you of things as it goes along. I mean, sure, it'll make more sense if you read them all, but if you don't like the middle books, they're skippable.

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