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Does execution trump empowerment?

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Herman Najoli A leader leaves in other people the conviction and will to continue. Bossidy and Charan provide a strong argument for the leader's role in getting things done but miss the critical task of empowering others to get those things done. Small wonder that Bossidy was asked to return to Honeywell after he retired. Had he empowered others to continue he would not have had to return. Does execution trump empowerment?

Dipan Mehta Does execution trump empowerment? great question indeed!

I have got myself closely related to execution the way authors describe here. At the outset it actually sounds like keeping a tight control over matter and hence not let things loose. It also give you the impression that don't tolerate too many mistakes (at least the ones written on the wall!) So indeed it sounds like taking the U-turn from the empowerment philosophy.

However, in reality gaps in execution are the biggest tumbling block for empowerment. To me execution means taking the hands-on approach which make a power pack combination of making your team realize first hand what results matter and what doesn't; make them see us doing things and see how process/deadlines vs. deadline or efficiency are not at clash; it helps you show the way the people are expected to work really cruise to the goals - once this is set with real examples, it makes it really easy for leaders to delegate matters and trust them with results more holistically.

In my personal experience - empowerment through execution is far more real.

On the other hand, management that begins with empowerment with hollow connect with team and unknown expectations - finally fizzles out.

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