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message 1: by Patrick (new)

Patrick (patrick_castro) How did you guys like it? I personally loved it and Tirs was such a kick-butt ,self-less hereione!
Compare it to the Hunger Games?

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer I've just joined this book club but I have already read this book. I loved the story a lot but no, i don't think it's that closely related to the Hunger Games. Honestly I think they're far off from each other in a sense. I loved Tris she was such a great heroine, I can't really say she had an annoying whiny moment so that made me happy. The concept of the book is definitely something new and refreshing so I'm completely satisfied. Can't wait till Insurgent!

message 3: by Dani (new)

Dani A. (danipiesra) I havent read the hunger games but I love Divergent, I cant wait for the next book to come out, and I did love tris!! she was awesome

message 4: by Anna (new)

Anna Banks | 1 comments I'd compare it to the HG in that it's HUGE and totally EPIC. I read this as quickly as I read THG. Can't wait to see what happens next!

message 5: by Nikki (new)

Nikki | 2 comments Where i am in this book, WHich isn't that far, I don't find it that attention catching as everyone says. Anyone have something to help me get interested on this book?

message 6: by Sara (new)

Sara (skoperdak) | 2 comments I am new to this group and just read this book for my other YA book club. I adored this book. It was and interesting concept and set in my hometown, so naturally I loved it that much more. I cannot wait for the next book to come out!

message 7: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (gerarv829) I'm new to goodreads (and this group) but once I read the description for this book, I immediately put it on hold at my town's library... hopefully I'll be able to pick it up tomorrow :)

message 8: by Soo (new)

Soo (silverlyn) Overall, I feel that Divergent was written better than Hunger Games. Fighting scenes in Divergent were less annoying than in HG. Suspension of belief was a little easier to do in D than HG. The character progression was at a good pace & that allowed me to grey out points that broke the realism. The story is written in a clear manner that is easy for a kid to enjoy & understand the concepts that make up the world. Some brutal scenes could have been fleshed out a bit more.

***Potential Spoilers - Notes & Etc
-Character descriptions are a little wonky. Like turned down lips... I keep envisioning frownie faces.

-Simple differences to mark the segregated groups like color and mannerisms was interesting.

-Al being a part of Tris' 'torture' was a striking development & good showing of psychological torture. His suicide & funeral service was also interesting. It was slightly different than what I thought the author would do in the story.

-Roth has a good grasp of making subtle observations & twisting it just a little to the unexpected. Like Caleb joining the Erudite group. Only clue was the stacks of books in his room. The way All & Will die. Tris' response when she takes her turn in the 3rd test as part of the prerun. She thought she would ace it but it triggered her very real fear of her recent attack.

-I love the adrenaline aspect. It bonds with my real love of having that thrill in my life. Train jumping, etc -- cool stuff! (Though, I wondered who caught the 1st person who went down the cable line...)

-The initiation time is bogus. I had turn my brain off a lot when it came to the physical training, the brutal attacks & how long the kids had before going on to the next stage of their trials. Born & bred warriors training against those who aren't. One afternoon of punches & kicks DOES not teach you to fight well the next day. If you're beaten unconscious, bruised & bleeding... the body doesn't heal so fast that you'll be that functional the next day.

-Flow of the plot seemed mashed towards the end. It may have been intentionally abrupt but I'm not sure because Roth's style seems to be more streamline than that. Okay, the program has been stopped for now & the group is on the run to the farms. Well, the lock is on the outside. Why? Guess we may find out in book two!

I do look forward to the next book. =)

message 9: by Lyn (last edited Nov 20, 2011 12:17AM) (new)

Lyn (hoonie08) Hello, I just joined the group a while ago but yeah, I've already read this.

This book reminds me of some elements present in Hunger Games and Harry Potter. HG because yes, it's a dystopia. Harry Potter because of the Choosing Ceremony which reminds of the Sorting in the HP books. But other than those factors, it is completely different.

I enjoyed reading the book and I recommend this to everyone who wants action + romance. My book buddy and I both agree that this is even better than the Hunger Games so to the fans, I recommend you to read it.

Also, I like how the story flows in this. It was a very good book for an author's debut. So there. :)

I want to grasp the sequel as soon as it is out. :)

message 10: by Wealllovemakeup (new)

Wealllovemakeup | 3 comments Ok I love dystopian novels so when I heard we were reading this I was all out for it. I really enjoyed it. Aside from the dact that four can say stuff to which I react did he really say that what a idot. I think it is better and worse than the hunger games at points. I feel that Tris is much more relatable and warm then Katniss is that just me? She has this nice warm sweet vibe when Katniss seems just cold and distant from people. I think that peeta is a tiny bit more oeeye goeey romance where as four is more im really hot but we shouldnt be together. The fight scences in this are more relistic but the circumstances are very differnt because one is forced and the other is free willng/ parcially forced/ mind controlinly forced.
Overall I thought it was a great book. Also two questions did anyone else see the similarty very mildly to vampire academy with the we cant be together cause you are my semi older teacherish mentor?
also when is the next book coming out?

message 11: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (dcejamie) | 3 comments I just joined the group but I read Divergent this Fall. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. I would totally compare it to THG (and have!) but is so much better. The characters are way more developed and it's hard not to fall in love with them (good or bad). "Insurgent" is on my buy-it-in-hardcover list :)

message 12: by Hunnagh (new)

Hunnagh | 2 comments Divergent was an amazing book! I loved the characters and the idea was very creative. Even so, I don't think it can compete with the Hunger Games.

message 13: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (thizzlen) | 6 comments I read Hunger Games and Divergent around the same time and they really don't seem to have that much in common. If you want to compare them since they both have dystopian worlds then there are even more books that you would have to put on the comparison list.

I did however love both of them.

message 14: by Aimee (new)

Aimee Jane (kaimeejane) | 19 comments I really liked this book and I love it's star Tris! she is like so awesome! xD I liked the book a lot.
If I compare it to the Hunger Games they aren't similar . But the only thing similar is that both books have a "the world works differently now" thing going.

but this book is good I was glad I picked it up. :))

message 15: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (juliababyjen) I just joined this group, but I read this book when it first came out. LOVE THIS BOOK! I agree that it really isn't very similar to THG...yet. Its hard trying to compare one book out of a trilogy to an entire finished trilogy. I did like this book better than The Hunger Games (the first book), but comparing it to the whole HG series? Loved HG series better! Can't wait for Insurgent, though!

message 16: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (stephaniey101) | 7 comments Divergent is awesome!! A friend recommended it to me but I wasn't really sure I wanted to read it. After I finally picked it up and read it I was super glad I did. This book just blew my mind away!

message 17: by shre ♡ (new)

shre ♡ (shreshre) I have read this book and though it was one of the best books of 2011 :)! Funny thing?
For almost the whole book i thought Four and Tobias were completely diff. people when they were actually one and the same. Because when i skimmed through it a bit(before finishin it) it said Tris kissed TOBIAS and im just like: "no way nuh uh!! Tris can not be cheating on four with Tobias! That ain't gonna happen! :(" so i cracked up when i realized the truth.

message 18: by shre ♡ (new)

shre ♡ (shreshre) As for comparison to hunger games? no. no. no. personally i liked divergent better. Divergent- re-read 10X, Hunger games- re-read 1X. i dont know, maybe i'm just more of a.....i dont know.....*stammer*.....


message 19: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (wish_i_lived_a_fairytale) | 2 comments i absolutely loved this book! it was so good! i saw some parallels with the hunger games. . . but i actually thought that it reminded me more of the giver. i read the giver back in seventh grade but the whole job thing reminded me of the factions and the control over everybody which i guess the hunger games has too. . . i dunno. i just thought it was really cool. i thought the whole fear thing was really unique. . .

and i personally like the name "four" better than tobias. . .

message 20: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (gerarv829) Divergent was amazing! It was such a page turner and I couldn't put it down! can't wait for the sequel :)

message 21: by Elise (new)

Elise (redentrapy) Holy cow!! This book was so incredible. I read it so fast I almost skipped school to keep reading it. Such a page turner though sad and the cliffhanger they leave you on is the biggest ever. Can't wait for Insurgent to come out on May 2012. Hurry. Please, Veronica. :p

message 22: by Elise (new)

Elise (redentrapy) I give this 5/5 One of the best books I have ever read. Completely original, unpredictable and fascinating. I couldn't put it down. The beginning starts a little slow but even when slow its great. The characters change and grow and have depth. The story line is attention-grabbing and about a dystopian world. You get to join the main character Beatrice as she struggles against choosing family or faction, right or wrong, conquering her fears all of them (literally), and finding love in the strangest of people. The ending was unpredictable but there were very depressing parts. Divergent is incredibly written, well thought out and overall I would recommend waiting to read it until the next one comes out because it leaves you at the biggest cliffhanger ever. Which faction do you belong to or are you like Beatrice a Divergent..? You will definitely ask yourself that while reading this book. I for one am Divergent.

message 23: by Jane (new)

Jane Paris | 2 comments I really liked it! I stayed up ALL night reading it cause i couldn't do anything else.

message 24: by Markelle (new)

Markelle Grabo (mg_writer) | 10 comments One of my favorite books. I was completely devoted to reading it. I literally couldn't think of anything else until I finished the novel. Loved the characters, the plot, the emotion, everything. I really connected to this novel. Can't wait for the next one. I think it's too great to compare to any other series, even though I do love The Hunger Games.

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