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Umm... *RP!*

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(pretty!,Tarah will be here soon,but later soon)

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((haha, koolio, and i love yours!))

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((I love the Living room, and the bathroom is loading slowly :) ))

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((The bathroom is koolio too!))

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Oliver and Tarah walked in, smiling.

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Tarah looked around"nice"Tarah said as she walked into her room and smiled.

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Oliver studied the room and nodded with a smile. "Yeah, it looks really nice."

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(sorry!)"I like it!" Tarah said hopping on the bed.

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((Its alright))

Oliver sat beside her, still looking around.

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Tarah smiled"I like it almost as much as you"Tarah said grinning.

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Oliver looked at her and smiled, slipping his hand into hers.

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((Hmm... I am wondering if Qamra should randomly show up, haha))

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Tarah lightly squeezed his hand.Tarah smiled,she really loved this guy.

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((hehe, maybe))

Oliver squeezed back, scooting closer.

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(lol..maybe...)Tarah scooted closer also,she didn't look at him she just scooted while looking forward blushing.

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Oliver watched her, blushing slightly and suppressing a smile. He couldnt take it anymore, he turned her head towards him gently and kissed her.

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Tarah softly kissed him glad that he finally kissed her she would have exploded if he didn't.(gotta go,bye!))

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((k, see ya later!))

Oliver kissed her softly, wrapping his arms around her.

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Tarah pulled back and smiled at him,she blushed a little.

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Oliver gave her a half smile.

((what to do...))

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((yes what to do...))Tarah blushed more red.

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((should qamra walk in? or not?))

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(sure it would spice it up!)

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((sure :P))

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((koolio! :) i was bored))

Qamra walked in peering around, then she noticed Tarah and Oliver,"Oh, excuse me, I didn't mean to interrupt anything." She turned to leave.

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Tarah's eyes went wide,she blushed more red"your not interrupting anything."Tarah said.

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Oliver blushed lightly and looked at his hands.

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Tarah realized she was holding his hand,she let go,she really didn't want to.

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Qamra turned back around,"Oh, okay," she smiled, then brought out a camera. She took a picture of them, the camera flashed.

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Tarah blinked when the camera flashed.

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She trotted over to a laptop that had already been set up earlier. She connected the camera to download all of her pictures.

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Tarah looked at Oliver then got up,and walked over to quamra.

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Qamra typed and clicked rapidly, her eyes examining ever movement on the screen.

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Oliver watched Qamra curiously, raising a brow.

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She clicked the mouse once more,"Done."

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"so....."Tarah trailed off.

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Qamara said,"So, what are ya'll up to?"

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"talking about things...."Tarah said quickly.

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She nodded, "By the way, I'm Qamra." She held out a hand.

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"Tarah,this is Oliver"Tarah said shaking her hand.

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"Tarah nodded and smiled shyly.

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