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This is Jamekin Lastery's Office. Come and see him to talk about things and make requests. If he isn't here, leave him a message. Thanks. He is a Shapeshifter, by the way. If you are in trouible, prepare to get wet.


He also has a picture of him on a wall.

Come in and talk to him, but if you are being whiney. Just leave.

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Jamekin Lastery walked into his ffice. "Potions, what a bore." He said with a sigh, sitting down.

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"I don't know anyone named 'me'." Jamekin said, turning on his laptop.

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"Oh, why didn't you sY. Come in if you must." Jamekin said, typing a site in.

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Jamekin sighed. "Look, I made it through to potions class. No one cried, or got frozen." He said, looking at solitaire.

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"That's not my problem. They must be startled by your rare beauty." Jamekin said, a poker face on him as always.

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"Uhhh... I do not know what they are talking about." Jamekin said, he would have smiled but stopped it. He had only smiled once since the four years the University was opened,

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"You have a Idea there... Hmm." Jamekin said, almost mockingly. Then he sighed. "Sorry, but there is joy in beingthe only Headmaster that is tough and forceful."

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"I've never been friendly with anyone. I don't think it could happen Ashe." Jamekin said.

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Jamekin looked at her. "I am loose. I stretch everyday, it helps me to Shapeshift. Maybe I could go to the spa." He said, wrinkling his nose.

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Jamekin raised an eyebrow. "I'm afraid that I don't comphrehend that."

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Jamekin sighed. "I don't really give A d@mn about relaxing."

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Jamekin stood up. "Yes, probably is." He said, walking out of the door. He looked back. "Remove yourself from my office, I have security sensors here. They Hurt if they find you."

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Jamekin walked out.

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Alec snuck in, holding the door open.

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Andrea followed Alec slowly, slightly apprehensive. She grinned when she saw it was empty. "Let's get to work," she whispered eagerly.

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Alec handed him a can of silly string. "Silly string." She replied, then sprayed the blow up poster of Jamekin. "Now he had a droppy mustache. "Bingo!"

((Gunmun, get over to mod chat. :P))

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Andy laughed slightly. "Nice," she grinned and pulled play-dough out of her pocket. "Maybe we could smear this around on the seats." she murmured and got to work applying bright pink play-dough to his everything.

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Alec picked up an egg and chucked it at the lamp.

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"Nice." Alec said, grinning evily.

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Andrea shook her head, a smirk upon her face as she smeared green play-dough into his carpet.

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Alec slid into his chair and turned on his computer. "He has a webcam.. Maybe I'll leave him a message." She said, typing in something.

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"Chill." Alec said, turning it off, not noticing the red button had suddenly turned off. She yped out a little message.

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((Hang on, is it filming her?))

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

((No. It wasn't filimg her before. Does anyone mind if after hey trash the place and leave, Jamekin realizes it was them?))

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Alec read her message out loud. "Dear Headmaster Lastery, we thought you needed to have some downtime. Maybe, you can think over your stubborn personalty and become nicer. Happy New Year!" She smirked, and spun around, doign a dead on imitation of the Headmaster's voice. "What!!!!" She roared.

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"Yeah!" Alec agreed.

message 28: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 118 comments (How was I supposed to know we were really doing it here???)

Lumma jumped in, grabbed a can from Alec, and started Spraying over all the files that looked important.

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((Err, because offices aren't usually int he hallway?))

Alec grinned, reveling in the look on Jamekin's face. The look that hs imagined anyway. Her eyes flashed green to blue.

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Kevin | 118 comments Lumma started splitting up eggs on top of the carpet, and leaving great stains. "So what is jamekin? Like, shapeshifter or something" he asked.

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"Yeah, Shapeshifter." Alec said.

message 32: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 118 comments "Okay" Lumma said as he turned into a tiger. He started running around, breaking chairs and ripping papers.

message 33: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Williams | 246 comments Alex walked in and emptied the bin all over the carpet.
"He won't like that," he commented, and grinned as he did it and as he saw what the others had done.

message 34: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 118 comments The place looked had been hit with a tornado when lumma was done.

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

"Nice job." Alec commented.

message 36: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Williams | 246 comments "There must be something else we can do..." Alex stood there, thinking. "It doesn't look quite complete."

message 37: by Sammi (new)

Sammi Sammi grabbed a paint gun and randomly shot it everywhere.

message 38: by Kevin (last edited Jan 08, 2012 01:27PM) (new)

Kevin | 118 comments "Now for the finishing touch" lumma commented as he jumped on the table, splintering it in half then running up to the wall and ripping the picture of the headmaster in half.

message 39: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 118 comments (Can I destroy the camera????) "Yeah!!" Lumma agreed

message 40: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Williams | 246 comments Alex grinned. "He'll sure be mad, all right."

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

Alec stood up. "I know." SHe said, and closed her eyes concentrating. She created an illusion of firey words on teh wall that said. "Hi Mrs. Lastery, we did a little redocrating." SHe opened her eyes with a smile. "We are done, let's go."
((He'll know. :D)

message 42: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 118 comments "Wait" lumma ordered. He ran up to the camera he'd been eyeing the whole time. Turning into a tiger, he smashed the wall, grabbed the camera, and pulled out the firewire. Then he took the laptop off of headmaster jamekins desk and plugged in the firewire. He sent a deadly virus to the other end, enough that would smash the greatest computer in a jiffy. (A jiffy is one one-hundreth of a second)

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((Sorry but don't you think Jamekin would have an ORDINARY COMPUTER? I think not. :P))

Alec frowned. "Dude I left him a message on there!!" She said sighing, as she walked out.

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Abigail Williams | 246 comments Alex walked back after her. "That was AWESOME, guys," he said to Gary and Lumma.

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Kevin | 118 comments "I'm fine with it. Tell jamekin for all I care." Lumma said.

message 46: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Williams | 246 comments "Well I'm not going to tell," Alex told them, his don't - want - to - get - in - trouble sense coming back.

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Alec walked back in ad grabbed them all, towing them out wth her. "Let's move!" She cried, heading for hte hallways.

((post ther.))

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Kevin | 118 comments "Okay I got it!" Lumma said pushing away from Alec. "You act like the devils coming!!!!"

message 49: by Sammi (new)

Sammi Sammi looked around one last time and skipped out.

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**Everyone's out*

Jamekin walked in. "What in the BLAZEs!" He yelled, and started to swear violently. "At lest my computer isn't hacke- The h***!" He started to swear again and streamed the auma in the room.

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