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2nd Building: Dorms > Alec, Raven & Andrea's dorm {Streak, Steph & Ashby}

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This is Alec and Andrea's dorm. The dorm looks like this:

[image error]

Let me know if you mind this. I thought it looked girlish but not too much and nice and roomy.

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((Ooooh!!! I REALLY like it, Streak!! I totally approve. :) ))

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((Want to roleplay now?))

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((Okay.. I have to get Alec free though..))

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((Okay than. :) ))

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((Okay! I'm done. Do you want Alec and Andrea to go to a class together? The potions class is starting,.,.))

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((Yeah, sure!! Potions. :) ))

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((Let's have them meet here and walk to class.))

Alec walked in briskly.

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Alec walked out to the next building.

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((AWWW, sorry, I didn't see that last post. Do you want me to bring Andy in here?))

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((It's cool.. :D))

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((Okay, thanks. :) ))

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Alec walked into the room after her potions class. She sighed.

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Alec dumped her stuff down and left.

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Alec walked in.

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Ricardo walked in after her.He almost busted out laughing when he saw the room."This room is really girly"

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Alec shoved him, "Shut up. I like pink, okay?" She said, then looked at her clothes. No pink on them.

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Ricardo smirked."Yep your all about pink, unicorns and rainbows"

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"Rainbows are real. Unicorns are real, but I don'tlike them." Alec said, sitting on her bed.

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"But your part leprechaun.How can you not like rainbows"Ricardo joked leaning on a wall.

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"I do. Sit down." Alec said shortly, leaning against her pillow.

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Ricardo did as she said and sat down.

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"So. I was wondering...." Alec trailed off awkwardly.

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"Yeah?"Ricardo asked feeling a little nervous being in her room.

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"How are we gonna do this?" Alec asked.

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-Enter Andrea-
Andy froze when she pushed open the door and saw Ricardo talking to Alec. Fortunately, they didn't seem to see her, but she didn't want to back out now, so as quickly as she could, she began to silently chant in her dryad voice, manipulating the earth which was eager to do her will.
"Abutor me expedio fefello has quae specto me." For several moments she went on like this, and still Alec and Ricardo didn't see her. By the time she was done, the earth had worked it's magic--something it could only do on dryads.
She was, literally, invisible.

((is this powerplaying? 'cause if it is, I can change it. :) ))

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((Nah, don't think so, but I'm warning you- Elves are masters of trickery and illusions. She's going to sense some one.))

Alec waited.

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((Okay. :) Thanks. :D))

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"What do you mean?"Ricardo asked unsure of what she meant.

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Alec's face burned. "The Boyfriend and girl friend thing.." She said.

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Ricardo smirked watching her blush."Like other people do.Go on dates and have fun I guess"

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"FUn? What kind of fun?" Alec asked, her eyes widening.

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Ricardo blushed."Like going to the movies....And stuff"

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"Okay. Sounds good.." Alec said, smiling.

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Andy bit her lip. She did NOT like Ricardo in their room.

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Ricardo sniffed the air and frowned."Do you smell something in here?"

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Alec closed her eyes, probing around the room. She sensed soemthing or someone by the door. "Who's there." She asked.

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Andy didn't move. Of course. Alec was an elf. She should have known. she'll find me sooner or later... she thought. But not if I run.

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Ricardo got up and followed the scent."I think I smell it over here"He said getting closer to her.

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Alec pulled out her dagger. "Who is there, I can sense your auma."

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((Dang it...should she run for it or reveal herself? It would be more interesting if she ran and Alec never found out...but...what do you think?))

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Ricardo looked at the dagger in her hand."Is that really necessary? I mean I can just transform into my wolf form if needed."

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"I can protect myself." Alec said calmly.

((Hmm, reveal...))

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Ricardo nodded feeling his wolf side wanting to come out.

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"Alright!" Andy snapped, though not coming visible yet. "I'll show myself, just put away your dagger and don't turn into a wolf." she instructed.

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Ricardo backed away form the voice."I won't"

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"You better not," Andrea muttered angrily. "But your dagger away!" she repeated.

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Alec wrinled her nose. "Andy?"

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