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( start)

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Jamey walks to the woods and breathed in a deep chilly breath.

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(can jamey and colleen be like friends?) Colleen walked out of her cabing videl following her it was getting dark.Just how colleen liked it.

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Jamey glaced back at Colleen and smiled.

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"hey jamey" colleen said with a smile

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"Hey Colly" she grinned, knowing she was the only one allowed to call Colleen that.

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"videl here has been waiting to get out of that cabin to see you ya know"

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"How sweet."

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videl flew onto jamey's shoulder and rubbed herself on her neck,almost like a cat would.

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She stroked the bird and smiled.

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colleen smiled" videl just loves you.shes always trying to sneek out from the cabin window"

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Izobel was training in the fighting arena, her sword swinging over her head before coming down on a dummy.

Kohl lay in his bed in Hermes cabin listening to and eleven year old and a 12 year old argue about some sort of game regular kids would play.

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videl flew off into camp"there goes videl." she said irratated "bye jamey!" she said as she ran off to get videl.

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Panting Izobel went ot the water dispenser and took a quick drink regianing some of her breath.

Kohl yawned. He couldnt stand the bickering kids any longer and left the cabin to head down to the horses.

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Colleen kept running and didnt even bother looking where she was going.she sighed" videl!" she screamed as the owl flew off higher into the sky" Why is she acting like this shes usually so calm." she asked to herself

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Jamey frowned at them. She hoped Colly would catch the little owl. She walked to a random bench and sat down, clearing her head.

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Colleen ran faster and ran into her cabin and grabbed her bow and arrows" i really dont wanna do this" she said looking away as she shot videls wing so it would brake. videl fell from the sky and colleen sat down on the soggy grass and put her head in her arms.

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Jamey saw the bird fall. She ran to Colleen. "What happened!?!"

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She looked up and wiped the tears off her cheeks "she was flying to high and i didnt want to do it but i had to"

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She frowned. "Well, find her."

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"i did" she said pointing to the lake

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"Oh crap." she says and takes off, running to the lake.

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She just stays there crying, in shock about what she did

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She jumps into the lake, not careing about her clothes.

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"Jamey!" she says running after her

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"You didnt have to jump in!"

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"Well ,where is her?"

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" shes in the lake but shes probably d-dead" she stutterd the last word

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She swims deeper into the water until she see the little birdy. She grabs it and swims to the shoreline.

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she sighs" you didnt have to do that but thanks"

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She nods and starts doing a old greek chant for healing.

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she was about to say something but didnt want to interupt her

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She finnished and felt for the birds pulse. She felt it, fluttering quickly.

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"I-is she ok?"

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She nods. "Yep." she says as the bird makes a little chirp.

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"Thank you!" she said picking up videl"DOnt you ever do that again!"

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She smiles. "No problem."

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"How can i pay you back?"

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"Colly, theres no need."

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"Please i want to"

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" pleeeeasseeee?"

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" pleeeeasseeee?"

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She shakes her head. "No."

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" Poo"

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"ill pay you back one day"

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"No you wont."

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" oh but I will"

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