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Bloodshot (Cheshire Red Reports, #1)
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Theresa  (tsorrels) Ok to post spoilers here.

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☀Rachael☀ (jimbunni) I really liked this book! I like that Raylene is strong but can still have tender moments and "pet people"! I liked that it focused mostly on the mystery of who dunnit rather than the vampire side. I'm definitely going to read the next one!

Shomeret | 233 comments I have read the next one. Raylene continues to build her alternate family. This is a favorite theme of mine. I like the idea of creating a family that's chosen.

Barbara ★ Something about Raylene irked me but I can't put my finger on it though I really liked the secondary characters, Ian and Andrian and will probably read the next book hoping for closure for them.

Shomeret | 233 comments Adrian/Sister Rose really is a wonderful character. Wouldn't it be great if Raylene did turn him and Cherie Priest then wrote a trilogy of books focusing on him?

Sandra I enjoyed this book, it was fun and funny but I would consider it urban fantasy light. There was a certain depth missing for me with the characters and relationship developments but I'm curious to see where it goes. Loved Pepper, Loved Sister Rose, Loved Ian.

Kate I just finished this one, and I quite enjoyed it! Raylene was a cool protagonist. I liked how she was a vampire without being a monstrous, depraved, sex maniac. She was actually kinda sweet, despite the occasional snack.

I also loved the other characters. Adrian was awesome! And the kids were adorable. (pet people... heeheehee)

It certainly wasn't a deep, meaningful read, but it was very fun.

Aleah (aleahmarie) I loved Bloodshot and just started the second, Hellbent, today. The fact that I enjoyed Bloodshot so much came as a complete surprise. I've been a bit put off with most vampire books out there. But this isn't another campy, hot vampire, lots of sex trope. It's actually really smart and funny. Adrian/Sister Rose is the best character I've ever come across. Perfectly done!

Merritt | 1 comments This was pretty good! I'm generally pretty picky about vampire books, because some of them are terrible. I'll definitely be picking up the next one in the series, though, and checking out the author's other titles.

There's good character development in this book, but Cherie Priest leaves me wanting to know more (I'm assuming she'll fill in Raylene's backstory throughout the series).

I picked this one up as an Audible book, and the narrator wasn't great. She was a little - childish - for an almost 100-year-old vampire.

I also like that "alternate family" theme, especially since Raylene doesn't belong to one of the major vampire "houses."

All in all, it was a good read, and a series I will keep reading. Four stars!

Megan  (m_e_c) | 5 comments I enjoyed the book as well - I found it a nice change of pace from the uber-powerful brooding vampire characters that I've read. Raylene seems to be borderline obsessive compulsive, paranoid and prone to making rash decisions (but obsessively over prepares for them) and having extensive tangential internal dialogues. But at the same time she isn't the broody type of vamp who is conflicted about her becoming or living as a vamp... when she feeds, she feeds and has no second thoughts or remorse. I like her. :) And an ex-Seal drag queen as a partner? Who wouldn't like that?

Kevin (kevn57) Leave it to me a day late and dollar short but I just finnished this today.

The first-person narrative is well suited to this novel. The strong willed smart talking vampire thief read almost like a mystery novel with dashes of thriller thrown in. The most exciting part of the story was just after she received the call about the PDF and what it drove her to do. The weakest part of the story was when she confronted the intruder in her warehouse, I thought she should have been much tougher and less vulnerable then she appeared to be.

Later in the story she's taking on multiple groups of soldiers and kicking ass, I can't understand why she has so much trouble with an unarmed amateur.

I really enjoyed the parts of the story with Adrian it lightened up the story and made more believable the action scenes later in the novel.

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Rich It was OK. I finished it but I won't continue the series. Nothing really jumped out at me in this book. Liked the lead character. I liked that some of her actions challenged my sympathies towards her. human life seemed very cheap to her and I found that hard to reconcile.

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