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Doesn't matter to me. I normally do all. I normally play a guy to. This time I'm thinking of trying a girl if that okay with you.

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Yeah! Okay. I used to do boarding school alllll the time on a old guild that I'm still in on a whoooole nother website.

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Lol (Think s about suite life) Sure. They can like end up being room partners or something.

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[image error]

Name: Maria
Age: 17
History: Came to the boarding school to begin a new life away from her abusive parents and dangerous ex boyfriend. She is living in a fragile world.
Personality: To be roleplayed.

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Kay. Do you wanna start?

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Mark knocked on the door of his new room. He was late. He knew without a shadow of a doubt his roommate would be waiting for him. He adjusted his hood,tucked a lock of blonde hair behind his ear and hoped for the best.

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"Yea," Mark said. His voice was weird he knew. He prayed no one would notice. "Sooooo I guess your Shaun right."

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((G2g brb))

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"Oh okay kool." he walked over and plopped his things on the floor. He would put them away later. When eyes weren't carefully watching. He sat on the bed. "So when your first class?"

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Mark watched him go. When he as out of earshot Maria let out a sigh of relief. She stood and let her hood fall. He long blonde hair spilled out over he shoulders. She turned to her stuff and began unpacking. Carefully she hid her bras under t shirts to keep eyes from looking where they shouldn't.

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Maria screamed and threw her hands over her mouth in surprise dropping the bra. "Ever heard of knocking?" she asked breathlessly. She shook her head. "Listen I can explain. Please let me. There was no room for girls. I had to come here! I had to get away from my crazy boyfriend and idiotic parents. Soooo I dressed up as a boy. Please please don't tell anyone! Please?" she bit her lip trying to keep her self from crying.

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Her face turned as red as a rose. She put the bra in the drawer and closed it. "Thanks" she mumbled quietly looking down. "One more thing. If I stay at this school...I have to sleep in here still,"

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"Maria" she said looking up and smiling slightly.

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"Thank you," she said blushing once again

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"You to," she said waving slightly.

((Time skip?))

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Maria lounged underneath a tree in a white blouse and jeans. She could hang out in 'girl form' but she couldn't just go up to people and tell them where she slept. It was afternoon and she enjoyed spending time outside.

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Maria looked up. "Hey! Not much. Did ya have a nice day?"

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She shrugged "Yeah."

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"Because I'm a girl," she joked before adding quietly,"I can be a girl outside. Have you met the administrator? He doesn't know who I am. To him I'm another student. The only thing that matters is that they don't know every night I'm sleeping in the same room with a boy and wow that sounded really wrong now that I say it out loud."

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She laughed a light joyful laugh.

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She blushed and looked down. "Thanks."

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She looked back up at him. "No. The faculty and staff at this school would if they knew,which is why they don't,but i have no problem with it...why?"

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"Is there something wrong?" she asked curiously.

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"Um okay," she watched him puzzled.

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"Oh," she caught the sadness in his voice and the word usage of used to. She smiled gently at him. "It's a nice memory huh?"

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"Aww," she said patting the grass beside he for him to sit down. She wished she could comfort him in some way.

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She smiled gently at him urging him to talk if he was comfortable with it.

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She leaned over and gave him a quick hug. "I'm sorry." she whispered.

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She pulled a kleenax out of a packet in her pocket and handed it to him. "I sometimes wish my parents were dead," she mumbled quietly. "Its mean but..." her voice trailed off.

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"Because.." she shook her head. "They don't want me. They hate me. When I'm near they try to kill me. There drunk always. Mean. Abusive. And Jason didn't help a bit..."

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"My idiot of a ex," she mumbled even quieter.

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She sighed again. "Its fine. Its the reason I came here."

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She smiled and blushed slightly. " I can't say I'm sorry either."

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She smiled back at him.

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"Seventeen. You?"

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"Oh kewl," she said.

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"Sooooo," she said twirling a a stick in her fingers.

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"Draw,swim,sing," she listed. "Burr its cold out here in the afternoon. So what about you?"

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She wrapped it around her. "Thanks. Guitar player? Kewl!" She breathed in the cool but fresh air.

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"Ya wanna go for a walk or something?" she asked.

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She took it as she stood and handed his jacket back to him. The wind had finally died down.

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"So where where you eventually from?"

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((Eventually? Where did that come from lol. I meant originally))

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"Minnesota," she said before realizing her hand was still in his. She let it stay there,not minding it.

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((Supper sorry))

"Yeah..." she said.

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"Oh. I'm sure you'd like 'Sota," she said. "Maybe you'll have to visit sometime."

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"Whats Cali like?' she asked.

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"Do you ever go surfing?" she asked curiously.

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