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Team Gale or Team Peeta?
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After reading all 3 books in the series -- Team Gale or Team Peeta?

Always Peeta :D

I'd have to say team Peeta, just because of what they've been through and I just love him(: Gale didn't impress me much. PEETA FOREVER(:

Peeta!! :D I like Gale, but Peeta definately dominated with me.

Peeta :)

I like "groups" better..ANYWAY!! Peeta is amazing and Katniss and him go SOO well together!!<3<3

Niki hannah....little characters? Seriously? Have you honestly seen how much these "little characters" impact the books and the series altogether?

Open your
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Peeta. He is so sweet to Katniss, while Gale can sometimes be selfish. I see him as more of a brother.

Gale, i have a soft spot for archers. he and Katniss would be soooo good together

gale and plain and simple. hes been there for everal and is it really fair for peeta to just come and take katniss? gale has been in love with her too. peeta used to be a stratgy. Gale is hers and she's gale ( says so in 2nd book after the whipping)

Peeta. How great it would be to be loved like Peeta loves Katniss.

Peeta, he is a gentleman and treats Katniss very well. I think she kind of puts up a front to try to block her feelings for him in the 1st book. Gale only cares about rebelling againest the Capitol. If he had to chose between Katniss and a family, or the rebellion, he would chose the rebellion.

Team Gale!

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I was all for Gale in the beginning until I finished the third book. The fact that he just up and left is oh so wrong. Maybe if he had stayed things would have turned out for them. I do love how it ended though. <3

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all i have to say is, NO TEAMS!!!! In dont feel the need for teams. dont make this into to another twilight. no more crazed fans having arguments over their favorite characters. not worth it.

Gale. Plain and simple. Though it became my thought that Katniss should become a hermit when Gale got all selfish and Peeta was still--and always had been, not relevant.

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team FINNICK (im on the edge of like30% 10% team gale or peeta, but 60% team Finnick cause i luv him so much:)


Peeta! From the beginning

Peeta all the way because he is so sweet to Katniss and Gale he is really hot but still Peeta is all I and Katniss will ever need.

Team GALE. him and Katniss always had a special bond and looked out for each other. Peeta just got in the way.

When I wrote whose team your on I wasn't trying to be like twilight I just wanted to know whose side your on


It was Peeta pretty much the whole series through for me!

Gale they would been together but peeta came

I <3 my Peeta Bread*

Team Buttercup! Cos he is de only who annoys the heck out of Katniss (besides Haymitch)

Gale, u gotta love he watches katniss's back all the time. they now each other so well

Peeta. Absolutely totally completely Peeta. Wanna know why? Gale is selfish, insensitive, and boring. Peeta is sweet, considerate, and loyal. No-brainer.

For everyone who complains that the "Twilight" thing can't happen again...then picks a side....just shut up you stupid hypocrites.

Read the damned books and understand the messages people!

God...if you want a love story, read a halequin romance

Amanda (Gale's Chosen One) Potter Is this directed at me or something?
Because i didn't "pick a side" i said i prefer Gale.
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TEAM GALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uh hello what is what the teams it's about katniss and survival

dont like the whole team thing buttttt team gale def

Why are you throwing Twilight into all of this with the Team Gale and Peeta stuff?!?! Makes the book seem bad.

Team Peeta because Gale was a jerk to her in the third book to me

TEAM GALE TEAM GALE TEAM GALE! but i must say peeta should be with ktniss JUST SO I CAN HAVE GALE!


TEAM PEETA!!!!!!!!!
I love Peeta and he's so good for her!

Team Peeta- he loves her unconditionally and cause his awesome and so is josh hucherson





Peeta 100% ;);)

Yeah I agree Team Peeta cause he wants her to be happy whatever she chooses...

peeta is very sweet to katniss but Gale is just freakin hot. i like peeta but i am totally on gale's side


team Gale!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like Gale, but I love Peeta

It's not Twilight so i don't see why people need to choose between the two main guys. I 100% prefer Gale over Peeta though. And i prefer him with Katniss over Peeta except I see why she and Peeta are good together. Katniss is a little selfish and her and Gale had such similar personalites that they would clash and Gale wouldn't have sat there and let her make all the decisions etc like Peeta would. So maybe she is better off with Peeta, but i still love the idea of Katniss and Gale. I've always liked couples who started off as best friends then fall in love. Plus i just don't like Peeta, i find him annoying and everyone is "Team Peeta" because he's more romantic and gentle which annoys me. Gale is just a lot more manly and irresistable to me, he's my kind of guy and it was beyond obvious that Katniss would end up with Peeta.I almost always prefer the under dog. Oh and people don't give Gale enough recognition, he loved/s Katniss just as much as Peeta, he was loyal to her despite what people think. Afterall he kept her family alive whilst she was in The Hunger Games and taught her things to help her survive. So i don't know where people get the idea that he was selfish and not loyal from. Gale would do anything for her, and he would do anything to save everyone else so that is where Peeta and Gale are different.

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Peetaaaaaaa!!!! hE IS sO IrReSIsTaBLe! I love this serires cos even though Gale was the hotter one, Katniss chose Peeta.

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