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River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle looked around tying her wings back.

She smiled at Becca & Luther.

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Becca hide her wings and looked around at the mall in wonder."So many shops"

Luther chuckled."You don't get out much"

Becca frowned."I don't have much to go to"

Luther sighed."Oh I'm sorry"

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle smiled softly at Becca and walked on forwards.

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Becca took in all the people and started to smile but also feel a bit nervous.

Luther strolled through with them.He loved being around people.He always thought it was a big joke when he walked through a sea of humans.If they only knew that I turn into a massive dragon......They would all freak out

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle walked through the people quickly, she was starting to feel slightly claustraphobic.

She glanced back at Becca and luther and smiled.

As she was upfront alone she let herself get lost in thought unconsciously she twirled a strand of hair around her finger.

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Luther put his focus on Isabelle again.He wondered what she thought of so intently.

Becca kept her head down but noticed a group of boys staring at her.She sighed wishing she could be invisible.

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle wandered off slightly still in her own world, tears sprang to her yes, she quickly forced them away and put on a fake smile.

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Luther saw her tears and thought quick."Hey lets head to that store"He said pointing to a music store."

Becca nodded."Wanting to get away form the large group of people.

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle turned and snapped out of it, her tears disappearing, she put on a smile and walked into the music store with Luther and Becca.

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Becca looked around at all the instruments."I would love to know how to play one"

"Really? I know how to play a few."Luther said and ten picked up a guitar.He strummed up a soft beat.

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle smiled and played the piano lightly to herself, still sort of lost in her own world.

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Becca clapped her hands to the beat."Your good"

Luther smiled at her and picked up the beat"Thanks Becca"

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle carried on playing the piano, but then stopped to listen to luther, a smile played on her lips, as she let the music wash over her.

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Luther started to play I want to hold your hand by the Beatles."Oh I'll.....Tell you something....I think you'll understand.That I ....just want to hold your hand"He sang.

Becca smiled she didn't know the song but she liked it.

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle smiled picking up the song, her mum and dad used to sing it allot, she grinned.

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Becca danced along to the song as Luther sang and played his guitar.

Luther turned to Isabelle and grinned singing to her.

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle laughed and held out her hand a mischevious smile on her face.

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Once he finished singing her took and kissed it lightly."A lovely hand to hold"

Becca smirked watching.

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle grinned at him and raised an eyebrow at him as she said jokingly "aaw not the lips", she laughed and walked. She thought to herself who'd think i'd fall for a guy that I just met

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Luther winked at her and let go of her hands."Keep the offer open later I might change my mind"

Becca giggled.She had always watched peoples relationships and this was very funny to her.Boys are truly odd

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle laughed as she walked towards he piano's and said "well i'll be waiting" she winked back at him.

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Luther put the guitar back."So Becca where would like to go next?"

Becca smiled and said."Um a store with clothes would be nice"

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle contiued to play the piano.

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Luther nodded"Yeah after Is is done rocking out on the piano"

Becca smiled and went off the to drums.She sat down in front of them and picked up the sticks.

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle smiled to herself playing notes that her mother use to play for her when she was younger, she smiled sadly at the memory.

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Luther took a seat next to her on the piano bench."This song is very nice."

Becca flipped the sticks in her hands and then hit the drums lightly.She smiled liking the sound.

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle smiled at him and said as softly as the chords "it sure is, thanks".

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"Did you write it?"Luther asked.

Becca hit the drums steady.At first it was just noise but then she made up a beat.

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle said softlyy in a distant voice "no mother used to play it ti me and then my brother before I use to go to bed"

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Luther nodded seeing that she was talking in the past tense."They are not around anymore are they?"

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle shook her head not looking at him as she said "no, they were killed".

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Luther had a feeling she was going to say that."Sorry to hear that.I've had a lot of death in my family.Though I never lost my mother.....I did lose both of my younger brothers."

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle said sadly "sorry", she picked up and played a tune as soft as a whisper of a breeze.

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Luther sat quietly listening to the music.

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle stopped playing and leaned down her face covered with her hair as she whispered "it's best to live in a worl of dreams because in the real world you only get your heart broken".

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Luther shook himself out of his dark memories."You can't really live in dreams.Its only a place to stop off at."

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle sat up and said softly "yeah that's true".

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Becca was caught up in the drums and was talking to a girl with flaming red hair about some new rock band in the area.

Luther nodded and put his hand over her's gently."It gets better with time.I promise that"

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle looked up at him and smiled sadly as she said "you sure?"

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Luther smiled brightly."I never lie"

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle smiled back and said "thanks".
she stood up and said "where's Becca?".
She lightly trailed ehr hand across the piano.

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Luther turned and round and spotted her at the door."She seems to be waiting for us"

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle said "oh", she walked forwards then stopped waiting for Luther to get up.

She smiled at Becca.

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Luther got up and followed her to Becca.

Becca saw them and smiled."I didn't want to interrupt you guys"

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle walked over, standing in front of Becca smiling.

She said "huh?what do you mean?"

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Becca rolled her eyes."I don't know much about people but I do know that you needed to be alone with him"She whispered.

Luther stood to the side not listening.

River Song (DobbyIsFree) Isabelle rolled her eyes and said to Becca in a whisper "there's nothing going on between us", she shot him a glance but looked at Becca again.

She thought to herself I don't like him, I can't, I just met him... her thoughts trailed off as one last thought flickered through her mind or do I like him?

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Becca shrugged."Like I said I don't know much about things like this.I'm sorry if I was wrong."

Luther smiled at them wondering what they were talking about.I could listen in but that would be rude

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