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Maureen Mullis | 1 comments You know that saying, "Be careful or you may wind up in my next book!"? I was wondering if that has ever happened? Have you been involved in a conversation, or a relationship, or witnessed something that worked its way into a scene in one of your novels?

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Beth | 216 comments Mod
Hi Maureen,
Thanks for the question! Some authors put thinly-disguised real people from their lives in their books as characters, but I don't do that. My characters are real people to me, in my mind, so I don't base them on anyone else. Usually I combine a mix of traits from people I know into a whole new person.

That said, incidents from my life, or that I've heard of, often DO make it into my books. For instance, in A Real Basket Case, I included the following paragraph after Claire sees a heavily made-up woman:

"...And Claire never used mascara in the daytime. If she did, she’d never have used as much as Rita had caked on her eyelashes.

In fact, at a makeup party Claire had attended, when the presenter said mascara should be replaced every six months, Claire had blurted out, “That’s a single-use applicator for me, then.” All the women had laughed, but many, including the presenter, had looked at her funny. She’d never accepted a makeup party invitation again."

That incident actually happened to me, and I said that at a makeup party!

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