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This is Club Barksly. Remember, blend in with the humans, for if anyone learns you are not Mortal there will be grave danger.

Club Barksly

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((Uhh... YAH!))

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C M After getting looking amazing and sexy, Cali laughed, she knew she looked..."unhumanly" sexy. And this just made her laugh as she slid onto a bar stool.

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C M ((Eh-hem))

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C M Calis short black dress just barley covered her hips, it was a halter top dress that showed a large portion of her "chest."

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C M Cali dared give him the time of day and shrugged, her hair pilled over her shoulders, a black bow standing out in the blonde waves.

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C M "Excuse me?" she was puzzled by his question and huffed.

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C M (yep np))

Cali raised a brow, "Really? So you're interested in me, huh?" Cali smirked and shook her head, sipping her drink.

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C M "People have to impres me to get me," she murmured.

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C M "What?" she didn't understand.

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C M "Goodlyck..." she smirked

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C M "Whatever," she snickered.

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C M Cali shrugged and went out to the dancefloor, many boys admiring her body.

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C M Cali slid her hand into her hair, her hips swaying like a goddess, her red hair whipping as she danced.

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C M Cali shook her head no, though a volenteer male came up behind her and pressed her hips into his, his chin on her shoulder, Cali danced with him, he bit his lip to keep from being turned on.

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C M The guy growled, Calis eyebrows lifted, and she released some of her sex appeal to her dance, sighing, hips still moving.

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((Let's keep it appropriate guys. :D))

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C M Cali turned quick, catching his thoughts. She put a well manicured hand on his chest and backed him up till his back hit a wall. "What?"

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C M Cali searched his mind quickly before being pushed out, she set her jaw and droped her hand. "Huh..."

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((Olive garden?))

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C M "Nothing..." she put a finger on her lip, thinking.

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C M "Shh," she thought deeply, then snapped. "Okay."

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C M She cupped his cheeks and kissed him.

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C M Her hands stayed still and she slowly pulled away.

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C M "A change."

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C M "I do, I just don't usually let them hold onto me for more then a night."

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C M "I'm usually oppisite," she murmured.

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C M "You have to keep me interested..."

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C M She raised a brow

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C M She tilted her head back and laughed

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C M She laughed and pushed his chest lightly.

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C M Cali grinned and walked over to him, and kissed his jaw.

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C M "No, testing you out," she giggled.

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C M "Liar..."

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C M "Sure," She wiggled her hips.

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C M "Hey, we arn't dating."

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C M She gave him a sideways grin, and slid out to the dancefloor.

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Cali bent back, hands touching the floor as she kicked her legs up slowly, as they slid out under her, sliding into a split, a taunting spark in her eyes.

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C M A guy offered his hand, she slid hers into it, sliding to her feet as he pulled her to his chest.

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C M Cali laughed and walked out the exit, waiting.

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C M As soon as she saw him, she kissed him.

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C M She preseed her fingers finghtly into his neck, pulling his face closer to her.

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C M Shae parted her lips along with his own, her tounge sliding against his, arms sliding up around his neck.

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C M Mild puzzlement clouded over Calis features, "What?" She asked softly.

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C M She searched his face, then his mouth.

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C M "My kiss," she murmured.

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C M Her lips twitched at the beginning of a smile, "Just the way you are looking for yours," She pressed her lips to his.

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