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There is a green hill-field next to the maze with a tree.

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Taylor walked into the field and sat down.She felt her tail even though she was in her human form.

((What happend to the picture?))

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(It'll load))

Nate climbed the tree in the clearing in front of her.he climbed from limb to limb with speed and gracefulness,he got to the top of the tree and noticed her.

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((What's wrong with it? And sorry, please remember to write at least two sentences. Preferably more. Thanks. It's in the rules, so I kind of need to make sure it's stuck to.))

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((Oh.Ok.I'll follow the rules.))

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((Thanks. :) Sorry, I'm not trying to be annoying. :P Mind if I bring my dryad into this roleplay?))

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(((alright i will edit oh so very soon.Thanks for telling me or I would have been doing it allot!))

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((No problem. :) ))

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((I really can't find the picture.Your not annoying.Your keeping the group in order.))

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 203 comments Mod
((I really can't find the picture.Your not annoying.Your trying to keep order.))

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((Okay, thanks. :) Here's the link:

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((I still couldn't find it.sorry if I'm being a pain.))

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((Emily.. I can see it??))

Alec walked into the field.

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((It's very wierd.I can't see it.))

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Nate saw another girl enter the field and snickered"who's the fresh blood?"Nate said to himself .Nate climbed down limb from limb.

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Alec walked further into there and stopped.

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Nate reached the ground her hopped onto the ground.He used his incredible speed and was instantly beside Alec"hey"Nate said with a charming smile.

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Alec turned around. "The h- who are you?" She asked, drawing herself up to her full 5 feet and 3 inches. She put her hands on her hips.

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Taylor noticed her and walked toward her.She would use her powers if nessicary.

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"Nate..the sneaky awesome ninja"Nate said with charm smile.Nate smiled "And who are you?"Nate asked.

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Alec would have slapped the boy. "Aleck, the more awesome Sneaky awesome ninja." She said.

((they should become like bro and sis. Your character is soo good it's annoying me already. :P))

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Taylor just climbed into the nearest tree and watched.This was getting interesting.

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Nate smirked."no no no no I am the sneakiest most awesome super ninja"Nate said with a smile more charming than the one before.

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Aleck shook her head. "I have gold. that tops it." She insisted with a straight face.

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"no...I'm pretty amazing...."Nate reassured her.Nate smiled charmingly the way he normally did with girls his age.

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((is Nate 15?? My character is 17)))

Aleck shook her head. "Your ears aren't as awesome as mine."

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(13,he looks like the guy who plays peeta is hunger games)

"no but these are"Nate said smiling charmingly.This time revealing his fangs,they made his face go SMEXY!.

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((i see.))

"Nope. Boring." Aleck said with a smirk and ran off.

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((I can see the field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

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"Oh no you did int"Nate said.Nate caught up with her"no one runs from me unless they're my dinner!" Nate said.

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"Are you seriously going to bite me?" AlEc said in disbelief.

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"maybe...."Nate said mysteriously .Nate smiled as he stood beside her.

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Alec looked at him. "I'll slit your throat." She said with a glare and a whistle.

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"huuuuh ..feisty aren't you"Nate said smiling.Nate crossed hi arms smiling.

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Aleck walked off again, rolling her eyes. "Lil' kid." She muttered.

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"fyi I'm not little"Nate said catching up.Nate smirked the whole time.

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"FYI, you are not even in High School." Aleck replied, still walking.

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"FYI,I'm bringing sexy back...and you know it"Nate said smirking.Nate walked a little behind her.

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Aleck laughed. "You? Don't make me laugh." She said.

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"I will make you laugh"Nate said smirking.Nate would gladly show off his sexiness to anyone attractive of the opposite gender.(gotta go bye)

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"Go ahead." Aleck said, smirking. "Let's see you try."

((ok bye.))

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((Sorry, but two sentences--please!!))

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(( I did.Didn't I?))

Nate smiled"you know what no."Nate said with a smug smile on his face.he had no idea how to make her laugh"I'm late fore a class."Nate said walking off.

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Alec walked off as well. "So am I. Bye." She said, running off.

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Taylor was laughing so hard she fell out of the tree.Luckily the tree was short.

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((Oh yeah, Wolfgirl, you did, but it was just a general reminder. :) ))

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