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Lily opened her eyes, and sat up. She looked around. For the first time in months, she didn't feel the pain she was used to. Her hand immediately went to her head. She had hair again... She smiled to herself. The chemotherapy hadn't helped with anything but taking her hair away. But now she had it back.

She looked around, and spotted another girl. "Um, hello? Where am I?"

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"Lily," she said, standing up. She glanced to a wall. A porthole... "Are we on... a ship?"

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Lily shook her head. "Last time I checked, I was bald in a hospital bed with wires connected to me." She closed her eyes, trying to remember. "And... they told me I needed to say goodbye to my parents and my sister and brother. And that's all I remember. Telling my family goodbye and that I loved them."

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"I was bald," Lily said. "The chemo did it. So why do I have hair? And why aren't I in a hospital? Am I... dead?"

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"I don't," Lily said, trying not to burst Andrea's bubble. "All the pain, and the hurt. It's all gone."

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Lily nodded. "Well, me might as well make the best of a situation, right?" she said, forcing a smile. "And we might as well figure this ship out."

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