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This is the Aquarium!!

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Layla walked into the aquarium.She looked around and felt like she was on one of her old school trips.

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"Oh hi"Layla said a bit distracted by all the fish.

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"Layla"Layla said looking away from the fish to look at him."And you are?"

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"Do you always say your full name"Layla smirked at him

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"Oh Ok.Just letting you know its a little weird.Where I come form you never do that.Someone might use it against you"Layla said."So I guess your new to this place."

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Please remember Text talk and Slang is BANNED In any folder apart from the ON and OFF chat, please use correct grammar

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And always write at least two sentences!!!

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((Yeah, it is. Thanks. :) ))

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Stephanie *G.N.D.W.A*{Thing 3} wrote: ""Oh Ok.Just letting you know its a little weird.Where I come form you never do that.Someone might use it against you"Layla said."So I guess your new to this place.""

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"Yeah I came with my brother.He's not new but I am."Layla said.

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"It is? I'm a werewolf"Layla said.

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Layla blinking and then saw what he was talking about."Never meet a werewolf who looked like you"

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"Interesting....."Layla noted looking him over more.Ears are kind of cute

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Layla rolled her eyes."Who said I was asking"

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"No.Its your thing.I'm not going to expect you to spill your guts"

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Layla smiled slowly."Yes I love aquatic life"

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"Really? Well here you are.I love them I visit them everywhere I go"Layla said.

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Layla put her hand on the glass.She wished she could go in and swim with the fish."Yeah it is"

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"I like tiger sharks....Though they are not really fish.I guess my favorite fish are lionfish"Layla said

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Layla nodded."Yeah I like those.They are very badass"

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Layla nodded and eventually left herself

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Georgia Wow! Kayla looked at the darting fish. The water still. Then she thought of her powers, she touched the water and pulled. The water gave a loud thump a it hit the glass enclosing it. Okay, prehaps a little harder than intended she though. Thankfully, she pushed it back, swerving the fish as they made their way round and round the tank. She walked on, wanting to see the spa.

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Kevin | 118 comments Lumma walked in just in time to see Kayla doing that. Wow! he thought. I wish I had powers too. All I can do is change into a fox and steal stuff. But even then I can get caught. deciding nothing was there to see that was good (he'd seen many fish, as they were one of the only things he had had to eat in the wild) he turned around and went back into the school wondering if he would ever get a roommate.

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Alex Will whisteled low. "Wow."

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Daniel nodded. "Amazing."

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Alex "Is that a shark?!" Will cowered down.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Daniel nodded. "Fascinating, isn't it?"

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Alex "Fascinating? Its creepy!" he hid behind Daniel.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Daniel shrugged. "Only if you think of how it could tear you apart."

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Alex "Exactly! It could break the glass and kill me." Will looked at Daniel as if he were crazy.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Daniel said, "Just don't think about that."

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Alex "How can I not?" Will asked.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Daniel shrugged. He walked past the shark.

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Alex "You see, those fish are a lot better than the shark." Will pointed to a colorful group of fish.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Daniel said, "How so?"

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Alex "Sharks are as scary as heck." Will said a matter of factly.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments "And..?"

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Alex "Fish don't bite your arm off."

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Crowleaf | 366 comments "Are you sure?" Daniel asked.

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Alex "Well, some fish." Will amended.

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Zoe Cassandra walked in. "Is that a shark?!" she asked, even though it obviously was a shark.

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Allec ran in.

((Zoe, Casssandra cannot be at the Arcade and the Aquarium at once.))

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Ricardo ran in after her and tapped her on the shoulder."Must you do that?"

Layla was sitting on a bench looking at some tiger sharks.She heard people run in and turned to see her brother with a girl.A girl?....He never talks to them

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Alec nodded, "Yup!" She said with a grin, pushing him playfully.

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Ricardo smirked and was gonna push her back until he saw his sister."Layla.....Hey I should have guessed you would be here"

Layla nodded."Yeah .....Who's your friend?"

"This is Alec."Ricardo said introducing her.

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Alec nodded at the girl. "Yeah, I'm Alec. You?" She asked, a little guardedly.

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"I'm Layla"Layla said with a wolfy grin on her face.

Ricardo sighed hoping she wouldn't embarrass or try to fight Alec.

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"I take you are brother and sister." Alec said, smiling back briefly.

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