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Arcade Room

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Ricardo walked in to the arcade room."Wow this is pretty cool"

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"Yes, it is." Alec said.

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"I use to arcades like this all the time in New york"Ricardo said looking at all the games.

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"You went to New York?" Alec said, leaning on a tbale.

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"I use to live in New York"Ricardo explained.

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"I see. I used to live in Ireland." Alec said,


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"Cool never been there"Ricardo said.

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Zoe Cassandra walked in. "Cool arcade," she said, looking around.

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Stephanie *G.N.D.W.A*{Thing 3} wrote: "((Bye))

"Cool never been there"Ricardo said."

"Ireland is wonderful.. Rolling hills and four lef clovers." Alec said dreamily, snapping her fingers. Clovers appeared by her feet.

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Zoe "You've been to Ireland?" Cassandra asked.

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Alec looked around and her eyes landed on Cassandra. "Yeah, why?" She asked.

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Ricardo looked down at the clovers and smiled."I'd like to go there one day"

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"Yeah.." Alec agreed.

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"So you can do anything with that magic?"Ricardo asked.

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"Not anything.. It's limited to mostly nature and stuff." Alec said. "Also, tricks and other things liek that."

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"Tricks? Like what"Ricardo asked.

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"Mind games, other stuff..." Alec said, pulling a ball from her bag. "See this ball, right?"

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Ricardo nodded seeing the ball."Yeah"

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"It's real right?" Alec asked, tossing the ball to him.

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Ricardo caught it and then sniffed it."Looks, feels and smells that way"

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"God, now give it back." Alec said.

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Ricardo gave it back to her wondering where she was going with this.

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Alec smirked and waved her hand around the ball and mouthed something. She reared back and tossed the ball at Ricardo's face, the ball went straight through his head.

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Ricardo turned on his heel to make sure he saw what her had seen."Whoa"

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"Exactly." Alec said with a grin, she summoned the ball to her and lightly tapped him on the nose with it.

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Ricardo smirked."Nice trick.I can't do anything like that"

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"What can you do?" Alec asked.

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"Well other then turn into a wolf I can heal people"Ricardo said.

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"Really? Heal me. Please." Alec said, taking the ball and remolding it to a knife edge. She cut herself on the wrist and winced.

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Ricardo was not fast enough to stop her.He sighed sine now he had to heal her.Her took her wrist in his hand and then licked his finger.Her then moved his finger across the small gash and the her skin began to shimmer while ti healed leaving no mark behind."Next time let me hurt myself.I rather not see you hurt yourself."

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"Why? It doesn't really hurt.. Not like what happened in Ireland.." Alec said, trailing off.

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"It hurts me....I can feel pain...If I watch someone get hurt I can feel it.Thats how I help people and know where they hurt so i can heal them....What happened in Ireland?"Ricardo asked still holding her wrist.

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"Nothing really..." Alec murmured, staring at the cut absentmindedly.

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"It doesn't seem like nothing"Ricardo said noticing her change in mood.

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"Okay, I was about 13 and I got into the wrong crowd. Went to a bar late at night ad all my friends and I dressed up to look 21, we got in with a little bribe money and everything was fine, right?" She said angrily.

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Ricardo nodded knowing this story would end badly.

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Alec shook her head, "We met some guys who said they wee 19 and played 7 minutes of Heaven. When It was my turn, we went into one of the bathrooms, the stupid Arse was drunk and had a dagger, he freaking stabbed me!" She said angrily, wincing. "I was in the hospital for a week.."

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Ricardo sighed."You should have never been in the bar.They never do much other then give people a reason to be angry and stupid."

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"I know... My friends convinced me to go...." Alec said softly.

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"That was dumb.....just saying. A pack never lets each other down.They should have known better"Ricardo stated.

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"They weren't good friends. It doesn't matter, I'm better off with out them." Alec said, tossing her hair defiantly.

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Ricardo nodded."Yeah they sound like tools"He had the urge to move the hair out of her face but that was not in his nature.

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"Mmm." Alc said moodily, and walked over to a hockey table.

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Ricardo shrugged and followed her to the hock table."You ever play before?"

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"Yeah, a bit. You?" Alec asked.

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"All the time.We had one in our basement.I use to play before the full moon came.It was something to distract me form what was going to happen...."Ricardo trialed off and took one of the paddles."Ready to lose"

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"Are you a Lycan?" Alec asked curiously takin the other paddle. She nodd3ed.

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"No just a werewolf"Ricardo said as he started to hit the puck.

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"Then what are you distracting yourself from.. if you don't mind me asking.." Alec said, blocking the shot and sending it back.

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