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Potions Class.

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(((view spoiler)))

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((Umm...Sparklebell? Snape is not here. This isn't Hogwarts. It's very different...))

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((I know, I was just... quoting. Because this reminded me. Potions in general remind me of Snape.))

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((Oh, okay. :) Sorry.))

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((haha, no problem.))

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LostOne (VincetheUndying) | 5 comments Zareh studies from his textbook. He sighs. "This is so boring," he mumbles to himself.

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((No. It's all hands on! :D))

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Headmaster Jamekin walked in regally, carrying an air around him.

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Jamekin nodded at him. "You already know my name, don't call me headmaster or Lah dee dah lah." He said curtly, walking over to the front of the class. "My name is Jamekin."

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Jamekin stared expectantly at Derek. "Well?" He asked, looking bored.

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"Your name!" Jamekin said sharply.

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-Enter Andrea-

Andrea froze when she heard the sharp, angry voice of Jamekin. She stood there fore a few minutes, standing just inside the door.

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Alec walked in.


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((Two full sentences, please.))

Andrea slowly walked to a desk at the back of the room, flinching at Jamekin's harsh voice.

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Jamekin nodded. "Next time don't call me sir. Jamekin will do." He aid a tad bit less curt. He turned to the other students. "And your names?"

Alec walked over to back of the room with Andrea. "Alec McGiver, Jamekin."

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"Andrea Leila, Jamekin." she responded curtly, taking a seat and nodding in greeting to Derek.

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Jamekin nodded at the two. "Good, sit and we will wait for others to come." He said. "Well, get to know each other." He said.

Alec sat and turned to Andrea. "Are you my dormmate?" She asked.

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Nate walked in and took a seat.He saw Jamekin and it reminded him of his old strict teacher back in Australia.

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Andrea looked up. "Well, I was told my dormmate is Alec McGiver." she smiled and looked questioningly at the girl. "I're her?"

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Taylor walked in.She had no idea why she was here but it said potions for her class on a sceduale.She sat down.

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Nate took a seat a few rows down from Alec.Nate smirked at Alec then got his books out and turned the pages briefly looking through them.

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Alec rolled her eyes at him. "Yeah, I'm Alec. Ugh." She muttered.

Jamekin's face was cool, aloof and calculating as he surveyed the class. Hmm...

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Nate looked around.Nate was surprised no one wanted to be friends or be his dorm mate,he thought because of his good looks and awesomeness that everyone would want to be his friend.

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Andy was a bit surprised by Alec's response. "Ugh to the teacher and the class, or just...ugh?" she murmured.

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"Ugh to Nate." Alec said.

Jamekin suddenly stood up. "Stand up everyone. As the Americans say, 'Hop to it'!" He said.

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Taylor just flipped through a book she brought with her.((Book:Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen.))

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((Really? I love it,that's why I put it.))

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Jamekin rolled his eyes. "Stand up." He said quietly but almost dangerously.

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"sure"Nate said in a thick Australian ascent.He stood up with a sigh,he wanted to go home back to Australia but he push through.

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Taylor just looked up for a second and noticed Derek and then looked back down.

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Andy stood up stiffly. "And ugh to Jamekin." she whispered back.

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Jamekin turned his cold gaze on Andrea. "Ms. Andrea? Ugh to me, could you please explain your reasoning?" He asked.

Alec froze, standing up.

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Every muscle in Andy's body tensed. "Um..." she hesitated. The last thing she was going to do was tell Jamekin that Alec had sort of...begun the whole 'ugh' thing. Andrea wasn't that kind of friend.
She smiled slightly. "All I meant," she answered, her soft voice shaking a bit. "Is are a Shapeshifter--I mean, I could walk in here and you could be the desk!" her shoulders lost some of the tension. "It's just confusing. I did not mean to be rude, sir--Jamekin."
She turned her sincere green eyes onto the Professor, hoping desperately he would let it go.

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Jamekin nodded. "That will do. Introduce yourself to the class and tell them what you are." He said.

Alec sighed in relief.

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Nate sighed and closed his books.Nate wondered what she was,it was actually not obvious like other 'special people' from where he came from.

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Andy let out an inaudible sigh of relief. "I am Andrea Leila," she introduced herself. "And I am a dryad." she turned into her magical form to prove it before turning into a human again and sitting down next to Alec.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester snuck in and sat near the middle.

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Jamekin disappeared and materizled by Chester grabbing him by the collar.

Alec opened her mouth. "Where did he go?" She asked

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Nate sat low in his chair trying not to be noticed.Nate knew he was exactly like Chester,he would late allot.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester struggled. "Hey!"

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Jamekin rolled his eyes. "Peope don't sneak into my class. This is UEI where you on't have to be worried." He said, sitting Chester down into a chair.

Alec's mouth made an O. She nodded.

Jamekin turned to Nate. "YOu too, up on your feet and introduce yourself."

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Taylor still sat there.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester got comfy, then looked over at Nate.

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Nate looked around and stood."hey everybody...I'm Nate and I'm vampire"Nate said"I'll have to take a rain check on the last name"

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Jamekin nodded. "The one with the book." He said, pointing to Taylor.

Alec relaxed.

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Crowleaf | 366 comments Chester looked at Nate with a small look of pity.

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Andy stiffened, then relaxed. If Jamekin did anything to her, she could turn into a tree. She smiled at the thought.

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(what?I don't understand that.)

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