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Sarah was in her wolf form, running around in the white snow. The only thing revealing her were her bright blue eyes.

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Jake walks in the woods, not bothered by the cold weather. Though he didnt have a jacket, he wasnt cold. He breifly saw the wolf and smiled to himself.

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Mimi frowned standing on her Aunt's poarch. The house was to close to the woods for her liking. She inhaled slowly before walking down the porch steps. Her feet crunched in the snow as she walked down towards the forest line.

Hunter was on his usual run. He would have liked to be in human form but it was to cold for that.

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she kept running past jake turning to the path to her house.she loved having her little house in the woods.it felt safe to her.

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Jake watched her and shrugged a little. He went in to wolf mode and ran to his wolf den.

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she found the little open space she left in the door and walked into her house.she shifted into her human form and put a sweater on,a pair of jeans,and her boots.she wore her favorite green scarf and walked out making sure she had her keys and the door was securely shut.

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He got into the den and curled up, still a wolf. He was extremely happy wolves didnt have insomnia.

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she smiled walking,her eyes the same blue as when she was a wolf. she tossed a rock in the den,not knowing it was a den at all.

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The rock hit him and he yelped in surpise. He got up, hair standing on end. A growl rumbled in his throat.

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when she heard the growl she yelped in fear and backed up slowly

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He stepped out of the den and saw the girl. He went back into the den and shifted, throwing on some clothes. He walked back out. "Ow."

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"im sorry" she said looking at her feet embarrassed it was one of her own kind "i didnt know anyone lived in these woods but me"

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He gave her a half smile. "Its okay. Just dont throw more at me."

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"so are you one of us?" she asked

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"No, I just turn into a wolf by no means."

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"thats what i meant by us.if you see a little white wolf scurrying around her thats me."

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"Oh I saw you."

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"yea,im in my wolf form alot this time of year."

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"Oh, Im equally both."

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" oh, it must be nice. I dont shift as often in the spring and summer because white fur doesnt blend to well with the surroundings"

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"Yeah. I guess so."

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she shivered "arent you cold?"

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He raised his eyebrows. "No. Would you like to come in." he gestured to his den. "I can make a flame."

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" No thank you." she said smiling " I have a small cottage down by the lake" she said pointing where she came from" and I was heading towards town anyways."

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He smiled. 'Oh. Hello neighbor."

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She laughed" Hi. And I better get going. Town is pretty far. And my car is at the edge of the woods."

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He smiled. "Okay. Do you want company?"

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" If you want to come you can." she said smiling" I was just going to a restaurant, get something to eat since there's nothing at home."

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"Cool" he said and smiled. "My treat."

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" nope." she said smiling" I'm paying"

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"Too bad. I am." he said. "Im not going to let a lady pay."

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" fine let's settle this" she said grinning " first one to my car pays!" she said running off

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"Fine!" he yelled as he ran, trying to track her scent to her car in human form. Which isnt easy.

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She ran dodgeing trees running to where her car was. She laughed enjoying herself

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He spotted the car and practiclly bounced to it. He laid his hand on it and grinned. He waited for her to show up.

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She sighed when she saw he was there" Poo! I lost" she said frowning

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He laughed. "Cheer up. I might let you tip. Maybe." he smirked and leaned against the car.

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She crossed her arms and pouted

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He sighed. "Dont be mad." he said and frowned.


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( i love that car)

" then let me pay. Please?" she said looking at him with her ice blue eyes

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He smiles. "Nope." he says. "I dont let girls pay."

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" but im not fully a girl im half wolf" she said smiling

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He smirked. "So? Im alpha male. You must obey me." he said and teaseingly growled.

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" scaryy" she said sarcastically she growled the loudest she could

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"Yes, very." he said and growled louder.

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" you know you dont scare me"

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"I should." he said and grinned.

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" well you dont"

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