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You may have up to 15-20 characters each, Remember, only moderators can be the adults


First name:
Last name:



Relationship status:


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Sammi First name: Sammi
Last name: Hallow
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Species: Half witch- half phoenix

Appearance:Flaming Red long hair, tall and muscular,
Personality: out going, happy and spontaneous

Family: comes from family of 7 boys
Background: she lived in a inherited mansion with her dad and 6 brothers. The house is way out in the woods so there weren't alot of other kids
Relationship status: single

Weapon: tallons and wand
Other: none

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First name:Layla
Last name:Simmons


Wolf form
Personality:Strong willed and stubborn.She likes to do things he way and does not care what others thinks.She's nice most of the time but when she mad you better get out of he way.She hates to be the center of attention, but loves to help people.

Family:Comes from a small family.
Background:Her father was killed by hunters while trying to protect his pregnant wife.Though he died her mother survived and had her little brother Ricardo.Now she only has her mother and her brother.Ever since his death they have moved around a lot and now reside in New York.
Relationship status:Single

Weapon:Her teeth
Other:She knows how to hot wire a car and can sing very well.

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Attention: Even thought this is a University the ages can be from 13 to 25.

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Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 203 comments Mod
First name:Taylor Natalie
Last name:Dineta


Appearance:Reddish Blonde Hair to mid-back,5'6,freckles.As a mermaid:blueish green hair and greenish-purple scales.
Personality:Bubbly,Likeable,a bit shy,Intelligent,Funny,Loyal.

Family:Four Sisters:Sydney,10,Paris,12,Morgan,6,Zoe,4.Two brothers:Zach,15,Luke,5.Parents:Brianna and Erik.
Background:Traveled to Austrailia,Great Britan,Hawaii,St.Lucia,and France.Very Smart and in 3 Honors class's in High School.Her parents do not know she is a half-mermaid.She learned when she was swimming at their pool when she was 12.Almost died after she was hit by a car when she was 13.
Relationship status:Single

Weapon:Not much.
Other:Can control water on land.Not as strong because she is a half-mermaid.Birthday:6/4/97.Has a scar from the car accident on her right leg that goes up to her knee.Her mom is a teacher and her dad is a stock broker.Has a necklace from her great-grandmother as present from when she was 13: Has a pet Maltese/Pomeranian named Kringle.

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~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) First name: Thalia
Last name: Tronav
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Species: Fire bender

Appearance: Long white curly hair that comes to her lower back, peircing bright blue eyes, tannish skin, freckles
Personality: Sweet, kind, strict and stern when nessecary, funny, loveable

Family: no one
Background: Her parent's died after her powers got out of control. She lives in France, grew up under the care of an old French baker who took her as his own. She ran away after he died of old age and came here. Knows English, but has a thick accent
Relationship status: Single and looking

Weapon: bow and arrow and her own powers
Other: Hates water, doesn't need it to survive, and if she has to much touching her at once, she could get very very sick or even die. She plays the flute so good, its mesmorizing

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First name: Lily
Last name: Timbers
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Species: Witch


Personality: Lily is a fairly likable girl. She's nice most of the time, but she's the kind of person who knows exactly what she wants. She's a little obsessive-compulsive, and she's a total perfectionist. She likes things just absolutely perfect. She's a real goody-goody and can be a bit of a kiss-up to adults. If you're impolite or if you say bad words, she will scold you and possibly report you to an adult.

Family: Only child. Her parents are still alive, but she isn't real close to them.
Background: She came from a rather wealthy household, very old-fashioned and proper. She was never very close with her parents who were both very successful businesspeople.
Relationship status: Single.

Weapon: Hexes, charms, spells, potions (poison!)
Other: N/A

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First name: Alec
Last name: McGiver
Age: 17
Gender: F

Species: Elf
Powers: She can talk to animals, use telpathy, is a master of trickeryy and illusion and is able to shrink to the size of a mouse.


Sarcastic, Aloof, scornful, she can rarely be nice. She is very watchful and does not like to be teased about her height. Her friend did that and she broke his nose.

Family: None, all captured by humans for gold.
(I'm going to do this in first person.)
I was living perfectly fine in Iereland, when some stupid Human boy snatches me up. He said, "I caught a Leprauchaun!" Which is not true, I only have a little bit of that in me. I'm all ELF. SO, I get locked up in a circus and have to escape through the bars since I'm soo... well... small. So I ran away here. It should be a cool place to live, right?

Relationship status: Dating Ricardo
Weapon: dagger
Other: She carries a dagger and a small pot filled with something that looks like gold. She is 5'4 & 3/4, and wears stilettoed boots.

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First name: Andrea (Andy)
Last name: Leila
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Species Dryad

(human form)
[image error]
(dryad form)
(also her)

Personality: Andrea is sometimes called Andy--it doesn't matter to her. She is quiet and peaceful and has a soft, sweet voice. She likes to be alone with nature.

Family: Her family hates her and abandoned her. She doesn't know who they are, and never wants to find out.
Background: Her family thought she was ugly for a dryad, so they abandoned her. She has no idea who her family is, and never wants to find out--though many think she should look for them and "get them back for what they did".
Relationship status: single

Weapon: She can manipulate nature around her.
Other: She shares a dorm with Alec (and Norm's character)

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1. Please don't just make girl characters! its not fair!
2. Please don't use animated pictures, the only exception is for Fairy's, Vampires, Wolves, or Elves,
4. Don't make your character invincible, I mean, whats the fun in that?

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Female characters are banned for the next 24 hours, we need guys, its really not fair to just have girls,

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First Name: James
Last Name: Darcy
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Species: Vampire (don't think I'm one of those crazy Twilight fans! I'm not. I just didn't know what else to make him.)

[image error]
Personality: He's a real gentleman, the way his parents raised him.

Family: Parents.
Background: James came from a more poor family, but his parents loved him dearly. It turned out that his best friend was actually a vampire, and then James was diagnosed with cancer. Before he died, his friend bit him. He hasn't seen his parents since, and is a newer vampire, and is afraid to see his parents. He likes to only take animal blood, because he can't stand the thought of killing or hurting a human like that, especially because he was one.
Relationship Status: Single

Weapon: The basic vampire stuff.
Other: N/A

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Will :) | 22 comments First name: Shoal
Last name: Caverns
Age: 22
Gender: M

Species: Half Gargoyle

Appearance:[image error] When he is a gargoyle
[image error] When not a gargoyle
Personality: Very cool and calm very likeable but once he turns gargoyle he turns fiercr and vicious

Family: His father was a gargoyle with a dark past of murders and being jailed he commited suicide when Shoal was 3 and his mother is human although she is on the verge of a mental breakdown because of his fathers death.
Background: He came here ecause his mother cant stand to see him because he looks like his dad. He had a girlfriend but her mother drove her out.
Relationship status: Single

Weapon: Stone fangs and stone sword.
Other: TBD

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) First name: Archer
Last name: Hart
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Species: Werewolf

Wolf: (The black one)
Personality: Archer is extremely charming, although a little mysterious. He has a good sense of humour, but sometimes he doesn't realise what's going on around him. He seems distant to everyone else and he sometimes disappears. Archer is kind and caring, he doesn't speak all that much.

Family: His sister, Lillian. They live with their grandparents.
Background: Not much is known about Archer and he doesn't generally talk about his background. He doesn't trust anyone enough to tell them. All that is known is that his and his sister's parents were killed when Archer and his sister were little. Their grandparents took custody of them.
Relationship status: Single

Weapon: Daggers and knives.

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First Name: Matt
Last Name: Cole
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Species Vampire

Appearance Mousey brown/blonde hair, messy style, abs, blue eyes, red lips, very pale
Personality: Like Ashlee, he's bipolar, but apart from that, he's sweet, and loving,

Family: Ashlee, Marie, Tom
Background History: Tom's parent's couldn't afford to look after him and his siblings anymore, they were all sent to a foster home,

Others: Lindsay the dog

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Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (draxxgetscared) First name: Jay
Last name: Blackwood
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Species: Firebender

Appearance: [image error]
Personality: He's hot tempered and sometimes violent. Jay has almost completely mastered firebending, and he isn't afraid to burn someone. He can be sweet if you get to know him, but he usually stays shut up in his own world. But he definatly isn't quiet. He'll be the first one to make that smart ass comment.

Family: None
Background: Jay's dad always use to beat him. Every night he would get punched and kicked until Jay couldn't take it anymore. He used firebending and set his farther on fire and murder him when he was 17
Relationship status: Single

Weapon: Fire(:
Other: He has Anger Issues

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Female characters are banned for the next 24 hours, we need guys, its really not fair to just have girls,

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Last name:Kinlin



Personality:nice,super sarcastic,a little dumb,immature,has the mind of any thirteen year old boy.
Background:got bit when twelve,ran to the U of Enchanted Individuals .

Relationship status:single ^_^

weapon:samurai sword
Other:thinks of himself as a sneaky smexy ninja.He's Australian

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First name: Daneen (Dan)
Last name: Seymour
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Species werewolf

(human form)
(werewolf form)
(also him)
(I know it looks like a wolf, but I always pictured werewolves like this.)

Personality: Daneen is sometimes called Dan--it doesn't make a difference to him. He is cold and angry. A total jerk, in general. Hangs out with the wrong group.

Family: Hates his family, and never wants to see their ugly faces.
Background: He was bit by a werewolf at the age of three, so he doesn't remember ever not being a werewolf--which he doesn't think is so bad.
Relationship status: single

Weapon: A dagger he carries in his boot. He doesn't trust anyone...
Other: He's shares a dorm with Jay and Archer.

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ß®ï:Dģε₮  *The Gothic Nerd of Revenge!* o.O | 9 comments < b >First name: Ashton (Ash)
< b >Last name: Macamara
< b >Age: 18 years old
< b >Gender: Male

< b >Species: Vampire

< b >Appearance:
< b >Personality: Ash is short tempered. He's a bit of a hothead but can bean angel when he wants something. He's known at being really smooth with the ladies.

< b >Family: Ash's family abandoned him.
< b >Background: Ash was bitten by a vampire when he was 16.
< b >Relationship status: open

< b >Weapon: TBA
< b >Other: Needs a dorm =)

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First name:Shock
Last name:Uknown
Age:Looks 16 but is way older

Species: Half- demon(Inyasha)

Appearance:Think Inuyasha but with shorter hair and modern clothing. Still where's red
Personality: He is quiet and shy. Keeps to himself cause he knows he is not of this world.

Family:None that he knows of.
Background: He woke up one day in a forest with a sword and a bow and quiver by him. A note was also there saying his name was Shin and that he wasn't from this time. Now he walks around looking for the truth about his past. One day he just ended up here.
Relationship status: Open but he tries to keep it closed.

Weapon: Big sword and bow and arrow. -When he shoots a arrow a burst of spiritual energy is added giving the arrow a extra kick.
-The sword is the same way, but a little more chaotic and more powerful.
Other: None

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Crowleaf | 366 comments First name: Chester
Last name: Wilco
Age: 13
Gender: M

Species: Sorcerer

Appearance: Tall and skinny. Brown eyes, and black hair. Dresses in blues and reds.
Personality: Funny, humorous.

Family: Father died in a wizard fight when he was 13, mother died a few years after his birth. No siblings.
Background: His dad was a sorcerer
Relationship status: Single, doesn't really like them.

Weapon: Wand
Other: None

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Abigail Williams | 246 comments First name: Alex
Last name: Nobody actually knows his last name
Gender: Male
Species: Weredog
Appearance: Shaggy blonde - brown hair, dark serious eyes. Tall. When he's a werewolf he is a dark brown/black with eyes that make you believe looks can kill.
Personality: A boy with little words to speak, but gets good grades. He's really fast and is very sneaky.
Family: His brother takes care of him and his 9 year old sibling. His dad got killed mysteriously. His mother has gone on a mission but hasn't returned.
Background: He's very poor and sometimes they don't have enough food on the table.
Relationship status: It was open but he forced it closed.
Weapon: the sword his father gave him.
Other: -

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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ❤ Angel ~ Of Monsters and Men ❤ First name: Damon
Last name: Carter
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

[image error]
Personality: Calm, easy going

Family: None
Relationship status: Single

Weapon: Fangs and a dagger
Other: He's a loner and doesn't particulary like girls throwing themselves at him or having humans ask him to turn them

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There's still 13 hours until the female ban is lifted

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First name: Damien
Last name: De'Carpi-Courtess
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Appearance: [image error] (the one on the right)
Personality: Damiens sweet, loving, and silent, he doesn't speak very often, he will only talk to those he knows well and trusts with his life, he's very shy, He hates girl's acting all cool for him,

Family: Thom,
Background: Damien and Tom grew up together in their country home in England, they're dad left to go work in America after their mother died, Damien and Thom were still only 13, so they could not stay in England,
Relationship status: Single

Weapon: His fangs
Other: He's dang lovely

First name: Thom
Last name: De'Capri-Courtess
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Species :Vampire

Appearance: [image error] (the one on the left)
Personality: Thom talks more than Damien, but he's still very shy

Family: Damien
Background: Damien and Tom grew up together in their country home in England, they're dad left to go work in America after their mother died, Damien and Thom were still only 13, so they could not stay in England,
Relationship status: single

Weapon: Fangs
Other: He loves startrek

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First name: Tatum
Last name: Granger
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Species: Fallen angel

Appearance: [image error]

Personality: He's a music freak, he knows every greenday song off by heart, he sings and plays the guitar, and, he's a keeper

Family: his brother Rhese
Background: He's lived along for most of his life, but before he moved out he lived with his nan in Switzerland
Relationship status: open

Weapon: Mind
Other: He's in love with Green day

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13 hour ban on female characters, the reason is because too many of them were being made and literally no males

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First name: Arthur
Last name: Benson
Age: 15
Gender: male

Species: Vampire

Appearance: [image error]
Personality: He's one of those bad boys, he's always attracting the girls,

Family: Luchas,
Background: Lived with his mum for 12 years, then moved to live with his dad,
Relationship status: single

Weapon: eyes
Other: none

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First name: Aaron
Last name: Smith
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Appearance: [image error]
Personality: Sweet, caring, badass, your average 18 year old vampire

Family: none, he's a loner
Background: Aaron doesn't share his background
Relationship status: open

Weapon: Fangs
Other: None

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First name: Gavin
Last name: Gwain
Age: 19
Gender: M

Species: Demi-God (Parent: Ares)


Personality: This guy has the biggest ego you've ever seen, but also the biggest heart. He loves everyone and everything, but insists he is the best at everything. He loves to exaggerate, but as usual no one believes him when he said he once had 15 girls trying to go out with him at once. (Who would believe that?) He is a lover, not a fighter. But that is sort of weird considering he's a son of Ares.

Family: Ares, living. Mommy G dead. Only child two other younger sibs, one at UEI
Background: He went to sleep when he was 10 and didn't wake up. He was in a coma for 6 years and woke up at 16. He was like a little kid in a big kids body. He had to grow up really fast. When he first woke, he threw a tantrum and charged down the busiest street in New York. He killed 50 people. Jamekin heard of him and brought him to the school. He's been there for 3 years now. He takes care of his little brother.
Relationship status: Single, open

Weapon: Ares's sword, helmet and shield.
Other: He isn't afraid to cry in front of people.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 66 comments First Name: Finnian
Last Name: Fedelfy
Age: 18
Gender: Male, but he's often mistaken for a female

Species: Lycan

Personality: Finnian is fun to be around and generally kinda innocent, if you wanna put it that way. He could have a guy hit on him for ten minutes straight and be completely oblivious to what's going on. He knows he looks like a girl, which doesn't really bother him. What does is the constant babying he gets. He hates being treated like a little kid. He's also a little afraid of girls, since at his last school he was chased down by a bunch of love drunk girls. When they caught him, things happened.

Family: Meh, too many to name.
Relationship Status: Single

Weapon: Himself, mainly his legs. Kid can run.
Other: He's a really good sing and dancer.

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Florangel *Hottest Nurse to ever walk the Earth* (xxflorangelxx) | 60 comments First Name: Jasper Hannsse
Last Name: Johnsons
Gender: M
Age: 17

Place of Birth: Fire
Date of Birth: Dec 13

Species(vampire,werewolf,fairy etc): fire demon
Powers(relating to species): can create fire.

Appearance (picture or description): as human: [image error]alt="description"/>
as fire demon: alt="description"/>
Dressing Style: casual

Personality: a trickster that would steal your heart if you are not won't die but you'll never feel anything either.
Likes/Dislikes: fire/water
Strengths/Weaknesses: heat/cold

Family: TBRPed
Background History: he stole about 500 mortal hearts all still roaming the earth as immortals

Others(pets,relationship status): has a pet named Karma
[image error]
it's very mischievous

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11 hours Left until the Female Character Ban is Lifted.

Florangel *Hottest Nurse to ever walk the Earth* (xxflorangelxx) | 60 comments Streakfyah ~Orange Luver~ *I.L.L.F,Y.L.L.F* wrote: "Florangel "Pissed On yet still SMILING" wrote: "First Name: Alisonne Rennee (REN)
Last Name: Rosse
Gender: F
Age: 17

Place of Birth: the middle earth
Date of Birth: Jan 1


yup sorry!!

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Woolfie Silvanus (nightlightknight) First name: Bowen (Bo to his friends)
Last name: Dayne
Age: 17
Gender: male

Place of birth; Yuma, Arizona
Date of birth; May 1st

Species: Solari

Appearance: His eyes are golden when at apogee ( when his ‘battery’ is fully charged, and a pale chrysanthemum when depleted.
Personality: Bo is an outgoing guy who finds making friends something of a doddle. Not that he takes his friends for granted though, he’s conscientious, compassionate and a good listener. A superb athlete, he sometimes gets a little carried away, and can come across as headstrong and arrogant.

Family: Bowen is the fifth and youngest of 3 daughters and two sons born to Lucan and Dinara Dayne. His eldest brother Coren, 27, is the eldest, working in solar energy ironically enough. Oldest sister Sofi, 24, is a Safari Game Ranger at Kruger National Park, South Africa. Tanith, 21, is studying biotechnology at Harvard, and 19 year old Arianna studies at the High school near where their family lives.

Solari’s were formerly known as Mummies, but with one crucial distinction, he isn’t undead, instead, he comes from a long line of Sun worshippers dating back to Egyptian times where his ancestors guarded the Temple of Ra, King of the Gods. Not a demigod, but not a human either, Solaris can harness the power of the Sun, converting it’s energy into increased physical energy, making him stronger, faster, quicker to heal, more agile, and virtually invulnerable, as long as the solar radiation storage his cells absorb is not depleted.
Bo’s family is a long way removed from their Egyptian roots, and have been resident in the United States for almost 20 generations now. Solari’s come into their gifts was soon as they mature, and even before that younger members of the family are encouraged to take part in the predominantly outdoors lifestyle enjoyed by Solaris. While, as you would expect they have produced many outstanding athletes, they have withheld from participating in human games as they consider it unfair to excel among mere humans. But this attitude has softened considerably, and Bo is like any jock in any high school, just your typical All-American boy, gifted with a physique to die for.

Relationship status: Single

Weapon: Is able to generate control and use fire.
(This pyro ability is exceedingly rare among Solari, who, while they cannot generate flame, are immune to it, or all heat sources for that matter, but even a Solari cannot stand within proximity of fatal heat indefinitely)
Other: Is mortally afraid of swimming (this aversion is not shared by other Solari, indeed some Solari have been excellent swimmers)

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LostOne (VincetheUndying) | 5 comments First name: Zareh
Last name: Khight
Gender: m

Species: Fallen Angel

Personality: quiet but is very protective of people.(his first name means protecter)He doesnt like that many things and is constantly moody.

Family: none. his parents who had been the ones to get thrown out of heaven are dead.
Background: Parents got thrown out of heaven before he was born. they died when he was 7. lived in foster care for awile and got moved around alot.
Relationship status: single.

Other: his angelalic form: http://acalltowitness.files.wordpress...

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All of the above are approved. Now please go roleplay! :)

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First name: William (Wil)
Last name: Lotnoss
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Species werewolf

(human form)
(werewolf form)
(also him)
(I know it looks like a wolf, but I always pictured werewolves like this.)

Personality: William is known as Wil to most, he's friendly and quiet. Insecure and understanding. He understands more than is said and has a few--but close, friends.

Family: He has NO idea who they are.
Background: He was bitten by a werewolf when he was 15 and since then, he has struggled to find a place he belongs.
Relationship status: single

Weapon: He has a werewolf-tooth necklace that he wears all the time. Using it, he can shift back and forth at will.
Other: Dormmates with Bowen...?

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First name: Kazuya
Last name:Masuda
Age: 16

Species: cat mikase (someone who has a guardian spirit in them that they can change into)(i made it up)

Appearance: normal:
Warrior cat Knight:
Personality: he is quiet and reflective, but will help whoever needs it. he is the knightly type who tries to do what is right.

Family: they were murdered, which is why he tries so hard to do what is right
Background: (about mikase's) they are a rare species who can turn into what is known as a Warrior Knight mixed with an animal. they will transform when they sense someone is in danger. when they are hurt, only herbal remedies will work, and pain killers of any kind, herbal or regular(like asprin) have no effect whatsoever. it is the mikase's duty to learn to live with and endure pain for it makes them stronger in heart
Relationship status: single

Weapon: a double-edged sword and his strenght and changing abilities.
Other: he has a pet cat named Emptha, who can talk and sense other peoples emotions
Kazuya's hair is like a mood ring and its color varies with his emotion.

First name: Yoshida
Last name: Hironobu
Age:.......doesnt know....maybe 17?

Species: polar bear demon

as full demon:
Personality: doesnt talk much. gives off a cold distant feeling even to friends.

Family: the polar bears he grew up with on nearby glaciers. he knows no other family.
Background: He used to live up in the north with the polar bears until it became too dangerous. he wandered for a long time above the equator until he came here.
Relationship status: single

Weapon: his nine inch long claws he can grow at will, can shift to full polar bear and very strong.

can i make a few girls?

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First name:Ricardo
Last name:Simmons


Wolf form
Personality:Closed of and quite.He likes to stay away form crowds and anything that involves lots of noisy people.Though he is quite he is a good listener, but he has a bad temper like his sister so don't push it.If you talk to him about things he likes he opens up a bit.

Family:Brother of Layla
Background:His father was killed by hunters while trying to protect his pregnant wife.Though he died his mother survived and had him.Now he only has his mother and his sister Layla.Ever since his death they have moved around a lot and now reside in New York.
Relationship status:Single

Weapon:His teeth
Other:He loves to paint and play the piano.

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Attention! You can RP as soon as your character is created. The Mods are going to trust the Awesome members enough to hope that they know how not to powerplay. We still will be checking here DAILY so please, keep alert.

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First name: Justyn
Last name: Everett
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Species shapeshifter

(human form)
(shifts into random objects)

Personality: Justyn is popular and funny. A bit weird.

Family: He has NO idea who they are, and doesn't want to know.
Background: Has always been a shapeshifter and a kind of "outcast".

Weapon: can shift into any object at will
Other: looking for a dormmate

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First name:Luther
Last name:Song

Species:Shadow dragon

Appearance:http:Human form
Dragon from
Personality:Funny and upbeat.Hes a sweet buy who love to laugh.Though he is a funny guy he is very smart.The only thing he loves more then a good joke is a well executed prank.

Background:He was born in Korea but lived most of his life in japan.They had to move to Japan after a dragon war broke out and left his family in danger.He came to the university to get a good education and to socialize with other creatures like himself that he has only read about.
Relationship status:Single

Weapon:Shadow and darkness.
Other: TBA

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Mal (malxox) First name: Jessamin "Jess"
Last name: Dillion
Age: 16
Gender: F

Species: Angel


Personality: Sweet, Sarcastic, Fun to be around, all around good person, but can be taunting

Family: Tba
Background: Tba
Relationship status: Open

Weapon: Angelic Sword...
Other: None

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the 24 hour ban has been lifted

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Adena Wright (adenaw) First name: Liam
Last name: Stone
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Personality: Not the typical vampire. He's usually pretty laid back and calm. Not exactly a people person, but is definitely not a loner. Funny and really charming. People assume that because he's a generally nice guy, they can mess with him, but he isn't naive. He'll stand up for himself and doesn't like being disrespected. You don't want to get on his bad side. He's friendly, but has problems with authority.

Family: A sister, but he doesn't know where she is or what happened to her.
Background: An orphan, he lived at many different foster homes, but nobody really wanted him. He eventually got kicked out of the foster system when he was thirteen. That was the night he was bitten. He never found out who bit him.
Relationship status: Single

Weapon: Fangs, vampire abilities, a dagger
Other: ...

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ß®ï:Dģε₮  *The Gothic Nerd of Revenge!* o.O | 9 comments First Name: Skye
Last Name: Hamilton
Age: 18 years old
Gender: female

Species: Vampire
Appearance: Skye has wavy hair that falls straight once in a while. Her blue eyes refelect her mood. They are sapphire blue when she is happy, excited, in love or joyous and icy blue when she is anxious, nervous, worried, sad, or angry. She's tall and bring the guys to their knees.
Personality: Skye is nothing like her aristocrat vampire parents who are uptight and super strict. She is more sweet and kind. She can warm up to a person quickly and is quite friendly to all species but if she doesnt like you from first sight, she never will. Skye's temper is quick and can often get the best of her, but she cools down quickly and apologizes.

Family: Skye grew up with super strict parents who never let her associate with others. As a result she craved attention and always wanted friends. When she finally moved out at the end of high school, Skye was popular among her many friends.
Background: When Skye was fourteen, her brother Micheal was murdered. Since Skye was very close to him, she was devastated but refused to show it. Her parents moved her from place to place to get her to forget about him, but she never did.
Relantionship Status: single

Weapon: Micheal's jeweled dagger which he gave to her the night he was murdered.
Other: She wears a locket that has a lock of Micheal's hair, the only thing she has left of him.

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Just because the ban is lifted, doesn't mean you need to just go on another female rampage, if there is another female rampage, the ban will be 48 hours

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First name:Jessica
Last name:McCall

Species: vampire

Personality:sweet,kind,but sometimes short tempered,independent and rarely asks for help

Background:she had been an orphan as far as she could remember.she had been attacked by a vampire when she was in an orphanage.unable to control her thirst she had killed two adults in the orphanage and then ran away.even though the people she killed had been bad she still feels guilty about it.
Relationship status:

Weapon:fangs,super speed and superhuman strength.

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