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WHY are books not all published simultaneously in the US and the UK?

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HJ I live in the UK and pre-ordered The Black Hawk as soon as it appeared in Amazon UK's listing. More recently I saw from the book details in Goodreads, and read in the author's blog, that it was being published 1st November. So I got all excited anticipating it, and it was only after it failed to appear in my mail yet again today that I went back into Amazon to check why - it's because it isn't available in the UK until 19th January!! (And that is for what is described as "BERKLEY - US; Original edition".) I can buy it on Kindle, but I want the print book to go with the others in the series which I already own.

I simply don't understand the logic or the reason behind the later release here. I can buy it from a US seller and have it shipped over - but that will take a couple of weeks, and why should I have to? Berkley is a subsidiary of Penguin - they must be capable of organising a simultaneous release. And now that so much marketing for books is done on-line I would have thought it made sense to have one worldwide release date.

Frustrated and disappointed buyer here.

Beebs I am looking forward to this book as well and like you, was disappointed to discover I wouldn't be able to get it til January.

I don't understand the reasoning behind this decision either.

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