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Anticipation Guide

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message 1: by Mrs. Mendoza (new)

Mrs. Mendoza Please post your reflection on one of the anticipation guide statements. We'd like you to emphasize intertextual connections:
There is only one right answer to any problem.
A person can redeem himself or herself no matter what.
A person can be spiritual without being religious.
Words can heal.
A family is made up only of people related by blood.
It is acceptable for parents to treat one child differently than they treat another one.
It is possible to leave one’s childhood behind completely.
A physical move allows you to get away from issues you leave behind.
It is possible to be a part of more than one culture.
If there is more than one perspective or point-of-view it means that it isn’t true.
Native American and
White Europeans can live together side by side in peace.
Alcoholism and suicide are natural consequences of people who have deep-rooted problems.
Justice is always fair.

message 2: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Van Statement: A family is made up only of people related by blood.
For many different reasons i must say that this statment is false. A family is consisted of the people you are closest to whether that be your mother or one of your childhood friends. In a family the people involved think for the sake of their family and not just themselves. Sadly, there are people whom are naturally selfish and this is why the relatives you are given cannot be your true family. If we follow this definition we get families with abusive parents and drunken elder siblings and dissobiedient young ones. Your relatives may very well be your family but this is not the case for everyone, maybe your relatives became your family the day you can thisnk but for alot of us that isnt the case and so that is why families are not just your blood relatives.

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