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message 1: by Mary (new)

Mary (marybt) | 336 comments Little background: I live in a neighborhood where everyone has a dog or 5. And most of those owners let their dogs bark incessantly. (That was the short version.) So I wrote a poem to the editor of our local paper and he printed it. I even got the headline! ("BARKING DOGS DISTURB PEACE") Here it is in its entirety. (I would like to stress that I'm an engineer and not a poet so I realize this is not laureate material. Please read accordingly. haha.)

'Twas the night before Monday
and all through P. Hill,
Families were talkin'
'bout how their weekends were swell.

The mowers were quiet,
the blowers were washed.
In the garage all the tools
were lined up and stashed.

When suddenly there arose
a great clatter,
amidst all the barking and yapping
I thought, "What IS the matter?"

Was it a burglar?
A rapist? A joker most foul?
No. Just the dogs,
starting up their nightly howl.

My teeth set on edge,
my jaw it was clenched.
To shut their dogs up,
for the owners would be a cinch.

Instead they sat
ensconced on the couch.
For to shut their dogs up,
would creat such an OUCH!

So we all must suffer
and have our peace broken.
For the dogs are all barking,
and the dogs they have spoken.

Elizabeth (Alaska) LOL

Printed it out for my husband, an ex-animal control officer, who sat many times to listen to barking dogs so that he could issue a citation.

message 3: by Sofia (new)

Sofia (sofiasmy) Lol this was funny. I wonder what your neighbors thought of this poem...? :D

message 4: by Mary (new)

Mary (marybt) | 336 comments Well ... the girls at the post office liked it. They told me so. haha.

I'm guessing the people who feel like me got it but the people who NEEDED to get it, didn't.

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