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message 1: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 207 comments I did a special Halloween scary fiction for your pleasure, or is that fear? Let me know what you think.

message 2: by Werner (new)

Werner | 1789 comments Great flash fiction, Pamela; kudos! I'm just sorry I didn't get around to reading it before now. :-)

Do you have the link to where this blog post appears on your Goodreads author site? If so, I know readers will want to officially like it there. (Of course, we could eventually find it by clicking on the link to your blog and scrolling --but some us are lazy! :-) )

message 3: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 207 comments on Goodreads blog, with the link to my blog.

They can leave comments directly at too.

message 4: by Werner (new)

Werner | 1789 comments Thanks for the link, Pamela! I just "liked" the post with the story, and the previous one, "There Be Vampires in Virginia," --fascinating stuff!

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