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message 1: by Cassie Cruel (new)

Cassie Cruel (faith_isola) | 420 comments Mod
This is the Adult read for this month

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1) by J.R. Ward

Have you read it? Will you be reading it?

message 2: by Cassie Cruel (new)

Cassie Cruel (faith_isola) | 420 comments Mod
I LOVE this series, definitely one of my favourites :)

message 3: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (sharearead) | 41 comments Absolutely agree with you, this was one of my first "adult" series. I had read Betsy and Sookie before but this one had me diving deeper into PNR.

message 4: by Cassie Cruel (new)

Cassie Cruel (faith_isola) | 420 comments Mod
I love all of those mentioned, my other favourite series is Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series :)

message 5: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (sharearead) | 41 comments I love the Dark-Hunter series as well. I am loathe to admit this but I am pretty sure I cried in
Acheron (Dark-Hunter, #15) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

message 6: by Cassie Cruel (new)

Cassie Cruel (faith_isola) | 420 comments Mod
Me too lol

message 7: by Sheri (new)

Sheri This is the book that got me addicted to PNR. Dark Lover had been given to me by someone and had been sitting on my bookshelf for probably close to a year before I finally gave in and read it...and I was hooked :) I love Ward's Fallen Angel series as well!

Jade aka MrsTosh (mrstosh) I have just re-read this funnily enough, didn't even realise it was the group read as I don't usually take part in them :)

I loved this book, Wrath is fantastic and I also love Butch....will defiantely be read all the other books in the serious!

message 9: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Belfield (jabelfield) You read need me to come in here and blather on about this series again? I love the BDB, enough so that I wrote an entire blog post detailing my thoughts on the series. It's one of the most compelling PNR reads out there at the moment--proven by the fact that even when a reader hits a title they didn't enjoy so much as the others, they still can't help themselves but read on.

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