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message 1: by Dee, the Insanity Check (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 652 comments keep it nice and clean ;)

message 2: by Naomi, the Sanity Check (new) - rated it 4 stars

Naomi (nblackburn) | 932 comments I can't remember if we discussed this..I know we did one of them..but Jar City is on Netflix also AND it is streaming...

Dave | 44 comments Both the book and film were excellent.
Jar City (the book) was my first foray into "Nordic Noir"

Martha (marthas48) I'm hoping to start this weekend.

Ellie (elliearcher) I started it-hopefully I'll get lots read this weekend!

message 6: by Tom (new) - rated it 3 stars

Tom Torkelson I'm debating whether to start today, or finish the Hunger Games trilogy first. I just finished the first in the trilogy, and must admit I'm looking forward to the others; they're pretty quick and light reads, however...

message 7: by Art (last edited Nov 03, 2011 11:48AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Art | 57 comments Jar City was my second entry into Nordic Noir, a friend of my wife somehow heard I was reading Wallander and told my wife "there's these books set in Iceland he should read" and Jar City is up near the top of my list as well.
For the movies I've seen made out of different Nordic Noir books Jar City is by far my favorite.

Susan (susanthomas) I'm working through a few books this month and Jar City is high on the list. Probably will be the next book after I finish Nesbo's Redeemer. I can't juggle two books of the same genre at once, it takes the enjoyment away and confuses me (which isn't hard to do at times). I can do non-fiction and fiction, though and plan on finding something intriguing to fill that niche.

Martha (marthas48) I read several at once, also, Susan, but they do need to be fairly different.

Susan (susanthomas) Ok, I'm starting Jar City! Next wil be Last Rituals and a Wallander if I can squeeze it in by Dec 1. That's when I take a detour to read Cutting for Stone for my local group. Lots of work ahead of me!

Martha (marthas48) I just finished Jar City tonight. Thought it was a good mystery. I'll read more of this author .. in fact one from my wish list on PBS is now available so I'll have another in a few days.

Ellie (elliearcher) I'm watching Jar City-what a well-filmed movie! And a great story.

Susan (susanthomas) Ellie wrote: "I'm watching Jar City-what a well-filmed movie! And a great story."

Just finished Jar City! Enjoyed it very much and found it quite different from other Nordic crime thrillers I've read.

Junying Thanks for the comments above. It has come to the top of my to-read list and will start soon :).

message 15: by Autumn (new) - added it

Autumn (autumnmemory80) This will be one of the next books I read. So glad to hear everyone is enjoying it!

message 16: by Adam (new) - added it

Adam | 2 comments I've just bought this book. It sounds great, will be reading it next!

Martha (marthas48) It is very good. I've read the 2nd in the series and enjoyed it as well. Will continue one of these days. Enjoy!

Arjun Kumar (the_snowman) | 4 comments I've had this on my to-read list for sometime and want to start it soon...I understand this is the 3rd book in the series. Have the first and second been translated? If so, do you suggest reading them first, or can you just jump into jar city?

Martha (marthas48) I think this is the first one that has been translated. Wish they would translate all of them.

message 20: by Quentin (new)

Quentin (graskeggur) Martha wrote: "I think this is the first one that has been translated. Wish they would translate all of them."

They have all been translated, except the first one (Synir Duftsins) which wasn't great, and the latest two, Einvigið (The Duel) and Reykjavíkurnætur (Reykjavík Nights), which will undoubtedly be published in English next year and the year after. Silent Kill is the earliest of the Erlendur books in English, but it wasn't the first one to be translated.

Synir duftsins, 1997
Dauðarósir (Silent Kill), 1998
Mýrin (Jar City), 2000 (also published as Tainted Blood)
Grafarþögn (Silence of the Grave), 2001
Röddin (Voices), 2003
Kleifarvatn (The Draining Lake), 2004
Vetrarborgin (Arctic Chill), 2005
Harðskafi (Hypothermia), 2007
Myrká (Outrage), 2008
Svörtuloft (Black Skies), 2009
Furðustrandir (Strange Shores), 2010

message 21: by Helen (new) - added it

Helen | 55 comments I loved Jar City. I read it for the second time recently. It was better the second time around. Love all of Indridison's books. Cannot wait until Strange Shores is released in Australia.

Martha (marthas48) I've read Jar City and Silence of the Grave ... both very good. Have 4 more to read & looks like more to buy. :-) Thanks for the list, Quentin!

Melissa | 20 comments I'm reading Jar City now. Really enjoying it so far. I want to watch the movie but it doesn't look like it's available on Netflix anymore. I am thinking of putting in an order on Amazon UK for Jar City, The Killing, etc. I have one DVD player that is set to region free mode.

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