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i want jason and percy to meet up!!!

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Chyna i hope the third book will come out soon. My friends told me son of neptune was a disappointment. They read it already and said lost hero is better.

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Shelby Yeah, I wonder how the Jason-Percy meet up will go...they will either be best friends or hate each other:) Anyway, I personally thought SoN was much better that tLH, but I guess it's a matter of opinion.

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Sevania I think the oopiste, actually. TLH seemed like a better example of Rick Riordan's work to me.

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Ken Theofilus I get more excited reading SON to be honest, maybe because Percy is back with his incredibly improved water-power, and Frank surprised us all with his unique ability! Anyways I think some would prefer TLH bcoz the Romans weren't as lively and funny as the greeks.

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King JT I know right

MizziQ YES! I can NOT WAIT! :) Lol.

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