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This book is not that good.

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Chyna sorry but after 3 weeks of searching for this book it disappointed me. I have read so many romance novels and they always end the same way.i want something fresh and new. I hope there will be another version of romeo and juliet that will not disappoint me

Lauren Hammond Really? I adored this book! But I have read where there are some people on the fence about it. What I enjoyed the most is that it has a dark theme to it. I'm a sucker for dark books.

Erin O'Riordan I also thought it was really good. I thought the characters were well-written and I couldn't wait to find out what would happen to them.

Besides, some of the FUN of romance novels is that they all end the same way. Who wants romance novels where the people in love don't end up together? What fun is that?

Cindy I wish there could have continue the book, i wanna see what's going to happen.

Jennifer Dupriest I thought it was good, definitely not what I expected though... I felt like the author should write another book though.

Chyna everything was so..... expected :((
but it was good not bad anyway

Cindy it's ok, but not boring.

Tiffany you should post a review hong. :))

Chyna Oh please, dont say my nickname here

Angel / YA rules!/ i loved it... i love the plot... and the pacing... it was a different take on an otherwise popular story...

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I liked it, but there was parts I would change.
But that's just me.

Susana I really liked this book. I found the premise very original. Have nothing to appoint to the writing or to characters, for me they were both perfect.
And most importantly, the book will have a sequel, intituled : "Romeo Reddemed".

Book_Worm99 This one just sucked. :( Wasted my time. Of course, the girl gets a happy ending back in her time with all the present memories.

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Cristina I have to admit I expected more. The summary is misleading and makes you think Romeo and Juliet will fall in love again. And the story is a bit confusing and some part dont even makes sense

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