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22 (Tyrion III)
On his last night with the Night's Watch, Tyrion promises Lord Commander Mormont that he will inform his father about the condition of the Wall and he promises Jon Snow to help Bran as he helped Jon.

MY Thoughts:
I like Tyrion and Jon but the scenes here are just so bleak I can't get into them.

23 (Arya II)
Eddard comforts Arya over the death of her friend, the death of Sansa's direwolf, and the abandonment of her own wolf; a resolved Arya begins her first sword lesson with Syrio Forel.

MY Thoughts:
It's nice to see the kind of father Eddard is but both Arya and Sansa are so annoying I honestly don't know how he puts up with them (although Arya does improve in thhis chapter)

24 (Daenerys III)
As Dany further adapts to the Dothraki lifestyle, she finds herself drifting apart from her rigid brother Viserys; Dany acknowledges that she is pregnant.

MY Thoughts:
I liked Daenerys to start with and I think I still do but at this point I'm wondering how this is really relevant to the overall plot.
25 (Bran IV)
Bran listens to Old Nan recount a tale about the Others when Tyrion Lannister returns to Winterfell, bearing a gift for the crippled boy.

MY Thoughts:
That was nice of Tyrion :)

26 (Eddard V)
Eddard interviews Grand Maester Pycelle about the death of Jon Arryn; later, Littlefinger informs Eddard about people who might have additional information, including Jon Arryn's squire.

MY Thoughts:
I don't think anything good is going to come from this meddling.

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Is anyone still reading or should I shelve this discussion?

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