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Jessica (Books: A true story) (booksatruestory) | 218 comments Mod
Post your thoughts on the book here!

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I want to read this book so badly. I have heard so much about this woman's legacy and the injustice done to her family. I'm reading THE WARMTH OF OTHER SUNS BY ISABEL WILKERSON. I wonder if its on Oprah's Reading List. I also wonder if I could dare try to read two powerful books at the same time.


message 3: by Trisha (new)

Trisha I really loved this book! I think the author did a great job of really getting to know the family, telling Henrietta's story, and explaining all of the medical jargon in layman's terms. It was, in my opinion, a very controversial situation. Do scientists have the right to conduct research on your cells without your permission? Should a person receive compensation if a profit is made? Does this open up a whole mess in regard to confidentiality, genetic testing, and insurance? Definitely a thought provoking, and sometimes frightening, book. Even though positive advances are being made in medicine, it is a little scary some of the things that scientists are doing.

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This is a book I want to read.

message 5: by Charlene (new)

Charlene Intriago | 12 comments Trisha - You bring up lots of good questions. I read this book earlier this year. I thought it was well researched, well written and I enjoyed it tremendously. It is scary to think of the things being done in the name of science! We will be reading about them years from now.

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