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5.2.5 Mr. Agrimson's Class Week of 10/31 - 11/4

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Add your comment for this week's reading.

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i have being to reading,football double threat, it a boy name rocky fletcher,trying out for his school football team,the coach said whut,you skies rocky said i got skies,even he don't now how to play football.and the caoch said you don't have tanet

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The book that i am reading is bad kitty.This book is about a kitty that the famliy is going on a vaction and the cat and the dog have to stay at home with uncle murray.The next part is the famliy is gone and the cat and dog are locked in the bathroom but they are think that it had been days since they had ate.But it only has been minutes.

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Martin Luther king J.R A photographic story of life by Amy Pasten

This book is about how Martin Luther king Jr is growing up racism. I can perdict that this why Martin kings house got bombed. Martin was giving his most famous speech. Out of the sudden he gets shot.

This book remindes me of other photographic story of life.

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This week ive been reading dare to be scared 4 by Robert D. San Souci which has alot of scary stories in it.One story is about a young boy that tries to take a shortcut threw the railroad tracks,but he has heard of the tale of "Awful Annie"along time ago and how her body was cut in half,and how both of her legs were missing.He wasnt really scared because he had a guard dog named Maggie Mae.But it did give him the creeps to go down the tracks at night.The boy was able to survive that night,but he did meet the ghost of Awful Annie.And his dog ended up running away because it didnt want to come one step closer to the ghost,the ghost was carrying a shopping bag which seemed to have something wrapped up in tissue it took and while for the boy to ask what was in it and so she unwrapped it.A head bleeding badly popped out and frightened the boy it began to talk and that frightened the boy even more,he ran across the neighborhood and at that time the head screamed and screamed even louder that the frightened boy had to cover his ears.He scurried to his house thinking to himself "Im never going threw the railroad tracks again" as he ran back to his house

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Ryan Agrimson | 12 comments Mod
Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't by Jim Collins is a data driven expository text that highlights the observations of companies that made incredible gains to companies in the same business who declined to make significant profit improvement.

Collins begins by describing the extreme process of company selection. His research team conducted an elaborate research dating back the past century. They first looked for companies that maintained a lucrative profit each year, or in the book's case, were good companies. With only those selected companies, the team then looked for companies which showed significant more growth among its Fortune 500 colleagues, morphing into a great company. After compiling meager list of companies, Collins and the team compared those companies to comprible good companies. For example, Wells Fargo was a company that went from good to great. Its comprible company was CitiCorp, a globally renowned bank.

Jim Collins then goes on to describe leadership and how each of the "good to great companies," companies who were considered great after their transformation, had leaders that embodied certain traits. They were all considered Level 5 Leaders. In whole, Level 5 Leaders knew how to hire the right people, put the right people in the right position of the company, understand that being the best at one thing is better than performing well on many things, and that success perpetuates itself causing more success to come easier in a cyclicle fashion.

This book has a healthy dose of insight for everyone who wants to step their leadership characteristics to that which resemble a great leader. I would recommend this book to anybody starting their own business and needs direction, or for leaders in the field of education as well as commercial services.

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this week I have been reading Judy moody & stink,and the holly joliday,by megan mcdonald. All stink wants for cristmas is for it to snow, which he began wanting when the new mailman (jack frost),said there is a chance that it would snow this year but no promises, but Judy on the other hand does not belive it will snow, and has a long list of things she wants for christmas unlike stink.
In the end it snows and everybodys happy including Judy, but expecily stink. I predict if this book went on that every year after that year it would snow and they would get tired of it.I compare this book to Junie b.jones, because they did simaler things, and act the same, and almost even look the same.

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