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5.2.5 Mrs. Boriack's Class Week of 10/31 - 11/4

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Ryan Agrimson | 12 comments Mod
Add your comment for this week's reading.

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Remember my last post well this is the to be continued part.So i left off where

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Remember my last post well this is the to be continued part.So now greg's mom started a (reading is fun club) for almost every kid in the neighborhood but,greg and Rowley buyed a whole bunch of soft drinks and payed it in rowley's dad credit card so the dad found out the truth so now they owe him about $83.


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This week i read a fiction book called Flik The Inventor written by Victoria Saxon. The main character's name is Flik, who is an ant that like to invent stuff. Flik is trying to invent a machine that will pick up food faster for his ant colony. Nobody in the colony believes in him except Princess Dot. Although the book did not mention that Thorny did not believe in Flik's inventions, I inferred that he did not by his comment on page 18, when he said "We don't have time for all these silly inventions!" He takes two of his inventions and combines them to make one, that collects as much food as a bunch of ants could collect alone. Flik not giving up on his dreams of inventing something, reminds me of the movie called "Thank God It's Friday," where this girl who wants to be a singer, but no one will give her a chance and she does not give up and finally gets to sing.

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This week I read Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane, written by Suzanne Collins. This story has two main characters, Gregor and Boots and takes place during winter. The begins when Gregor gets suspicious after many cockroaches appear in his room. They flash back to when they found a place called "the Underland"a few months ago.Then his mom insist Gregor should help a neighbor named Mrs.Cormaci,so he did.
Then, after a while of working, he got something wonderful, her son's old boots!They were wonderful to him because, he had only one pair of shoes that were starting to break.After getting his sister, Boots he decided he'd go sledding because of his new shoes. Boots loved sledding and asked "again Ge-go again" (she was only 3) every time.Until after Gregor was tired and took a rest, but after a few minutes of resting he looked up and saw nothing,which meant Boots was missing!I predict that he'll have to go to the Underland to save Boots after finding a "giant insect leg"(animals' are big in the Underland) on page 18 chapter 2.
This book relates to The City of Ember, both have a land underground.

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This week i finished reading Diary of a wimpy kid (dog days)by jeff kenney so i left where now the mom bought them a new dog that greg always wanted but the problem is that the dog is really sleeps in gregs bed and its really messy.this book reminds me of junie b jones how she always wanted a baby brother but when it came it was really annoying.

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Ive been reading the childrens novel super diaper baby 2. basically in this novel there is a dog and baby with superpowers and you may wonder how they got superpowers.What happend was when the baby was born he fell out a window and into some sort of super juice giving him superpowers.and there dog came and drink from the bucket and he got superpowers too.Together they try to stop an evil criminal.But they slowly notice that there enemy is getting stronger will super diaper baby and superdog be able to defeat this archnimisis?

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This week i have been reading a long survivor book called The River by Gary Paulsen.Its about a boy who is 13 years old and his name is Bryan Robosen.The author foreshadows that he will be able survive by what he says in the book.Through a series of events Bryan has faced many bad things like when he had to survive in the wilderness.At the beginning of the story a man tells Bryan that he has to go back to the wilderness and show him how to survive in the woods alone.At the middle of the story a gigantic thunderstorm occurs when they are in the wilderness and the man he is traveling with gets hit by lighting and goes into a coma.After Bryan finds a map in a suitcase he sees that there is a trading post about a 100 miles away.At the end he comes to a conclusion that he has to build a raft and travel those 100 miles with the man in a coma.When he finishes building it he starts to go.After many hours and days he gets injured in a waterfall and he cant find the man in the coma.So he goes and when he's close to the trading post he finds the raft and the guy in the coma and like every happy ending he gets to the trading post.At the end i inferenced that Bryan will get lucky and survive.I can compare this book to one that is called Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.It is also about survival.

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Ryan Agrimson | 12 comments Mod
Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't by Jim Collins is a data driven expository text that highlights the observations of companies that made incredible gains to companies in the same business who declined to make significant profit improvement.

Collins begins by describing the extreme process of company selection. His research team conducted an elaborate research dating back the past century. They first looked for companies that maintained a lucrative profit each year, or in the book's case, were good companies. With only those selected companies, the team then looked for companies which showed significant more growth among its Fortune 500 colleagues, morphing into a great company. After compiling meager list of companies, Collins and the team compared those companies to comprible good companies. For example, Wells Fargo was a company that went from good to great. Its comprible company was CitiCorp, a globally renowned bank.

Jim Collins then goes on to describe leadership and how each of the "good to great companies," companies who were considered great after their transformation, had leaders that embodied certain traits. They were all considered Level 5 Leaders. In whole, Level 5 Leaders knew how to hire the right people, put the right people in the right position of the company, understand that being the best at one thing is better than performing well on many things, and that success perpetuates itself causing more success to come easier in a cyclicle fashion.

This book has a healthy dose of insight for everyone who wants to step their leadership characteristics to that which resemble a great leader. I would recommend this book to anybody starting their own business and needs direction, or for leaders in the field of education as well as commercial services.

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Francisco | 1 comments This week I read The Dog with Golden Eyes part 2, written by France Wilbur. This book has 2 main characters: Tokie and Cassie. The author foreshadows Cassie's feelings when her father and mother argue about something. After dinner Cassie asked her mother what was her friend's name. When she went to school Mr.Crowell told her about the ad in the morning paper. On a afternoon she got Tokie inside the house ,so the pound wlouldn't get him. The next day she heard 2 shots in the hills by her house ,so she went to check it out. She saw that Brad Killer was shooting Tokie Cassie called Tokie and got him inside the house.

The book never mention why Brad was shooting at Tokie.
I infer that he thought he was going to hurt someone by reading I'll shoot tha wolf before he kills someone . In paragraph three in page 162.This book reminds me of Goosebomphs The Warewolf of Fever swamp written by R.L.Stine. Both storie have someone things that the dog killed or he's going to do it.

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This week I have been reading chronicules Of the red king the secret kingdom written by Jenny Nimmo.the main character is jinni.
First of all the queen zobayda and king zobayda had a child named Timoken and a girl but their father had to protect them from Alixir.
Then as soon as the queen put her son to bed she put the moon spider's web into a chest and placed a bottle of alixir aside his bed before she laid him down.three weeks later her royal baby was born.
Finally their children devoted each other.Then the jinni cast a spell.Then jinni had to tell lord Degal's where the moon of the last web spider was or else she would cost evil torures.

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