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5.2.5 Mrs. Berg's Class Week of 10/31 - 11/4

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Ryan Agrimson | 12 comments Mod
Add your weekly post below for the week of Oct. 31 - Nov. 4.

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Ryan Agrimson | 12 comments Mod
Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't by Jim Collins is a data driven expository text that highlights the observations of companies that made incredible gains to companies in the same business who declined to make significant profit improvement.

Collins begins by describing the extreme process of company selection. His research team conducted an elaborate research dating back the past century. They first looked for companies that maintained a lucrative profit each year, or in the book's case, were good companies. With only those selected companies, the team then looked for companies which showed significant more growth among its Fortune 500 colleagues, morphing into a great company. After compiling a meager list of companies, Collins and the team compared those companies to comprible good companies. For example, Wells Fargo was a company that went from good to great. Its comprible company was CitiCorp, a globally renowned bank.

Jim Collins then goes on to describe leadership and how each of the "good to great companies," companies who were considered great after their transformation, had leaders that embodied certain traits. They were all considered Level 5 Leaders. In whole, Level 5 Leaders knew how to hire the right people, put the right people in the right position of the company, understand that being the best at one thing is better than performing well on many things, and that success perpetuates itself causing more success to come easier in a cyclicle fashion.

This book has a healthy dose of insight for everyone who wants to step their leadership characteristics to that which resemble a great leader. I would recommend this book to anybody starting their own business and needs direction, or for leaders in the field of education as well as commercial services.

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Morgan | 2 comments This week I read a chapter book called "Mrs.Patty Is Batty" by "Dan Gutman" and illustrated by "Jim Palliot". The main characters are "Mrs.Patty"the secretary","Mr.Klutz the principal","A.J","Ryan","Michael", "Andrea",and Emily.
At school they had a day were you wear your costume.Each person had on something different costumes except for A.J,Michael,and Ryan. A.J was a zombie peguin from outer space,Michael was a zombie football player,and Ryan was a zombie hockey player.[chapter 1-3]
A.J, Michael ,and Ryan went trick or treating after school. Michael had a map to every house that they are going to. They got alot of candy.While they were going to Mrs.Patty's they went ran into Andrea,and Emily.
They all went to Mrs.Patty's house together.

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