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Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments (Here Wolfy.=) )

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(thanks!I'll get the pics for aqua and amber's sides later)

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 5951 comments (Ok.)

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(cool,Aqua and amber are with their men right now so yeah)

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Aqua and Aaron walked in hand in hand.

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"wow!"aqua said seeing a door with her name on it,she walked over to it.Aqua opened the door,she walked in with Aaron.

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Aqua smiled"Oh my God..."Aqua said slowly.

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"I have my on bed!"Aqua said running and jumping on the bed,she pulled him along with her.

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"no....I slept on splintery wood"Aqua said scooting closer to him.

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Aqua smiled and kissed his hair.

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"New York"Aqua said"what about you?"

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"I was sent to an orphanage about an hour after birth,Amber is my only Family"Aqua said

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Aqua thought of how lucky she was to have him,she smiled and buried her face in his chest.

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"I'm sorry..."Aqua said "hey whats school like?"Aqua asked.

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"oh..."Aqua said.

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Aqua smiled and looked at him."you make every thing more fun"

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"I love you too"Aqua said sitting up.

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Aqua looked around still holding his hand.

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"nothing"Aqua said.

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Aqua shivered and crossed her arms.

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Aqua instantly felt a little warmer.

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Aqua smiled .

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"I love you too"Aqua whispered.

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"I like the sound of that,my darling husband"Aqua whispered back.

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Aqua returned the grin.

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Aqua smiled"can you stay here tonight?"Aqua asked.

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"I could get used to that"Aqua said smirking.(ALLY my sis!)

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Aqua smiled and laid back beside him"you know I tried to write you a love poem today"Aqua said looking up at the ceiling.

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"pretty bad but I like it..."Aqua said.

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"okay.....roses are red and violets are blue......there's only on way to say this is that... I love you"Aqua said

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Aqua kissed him,she pulled back and smiled.

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Aqua blushed like crazy,and giggled.

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Aqua couldn't resist,she threw her arms around him and kissed him.

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Aqua kissed him gently,she put her arms around his neck.

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Aqua pulled back.she got up and locked her door she got on the bed and kissed him.

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She scooted closer to him and kissed him gently.

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Aqua smiled and giggled.

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Aqua smiled and nodded.

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Aqua kissed him.(all I could think of.)

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(yeah!!!yay!!your on!!read sethrim's dorm,amber+seth forever)

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(Ok i will)

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she put a smile into the kiss,she put her arms around him.

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Aqua pushed him down on the bed and got on him.She giggled the whole time,she felt so bad but she loved it.

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"only if you do?"Aqua said looking into his eyes.

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Aqua smiled and blushed,she kissed him softly.(amber is doing the exact same thing!)

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