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Cat (coffeecat19) *Start*

message 2: by Chase (new)

Chase (dekunut) Tennor got onto the train, into an empty car. Who would come in with him on his first trip on the Hogwarts Express?

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Chase | 19 comments Tnnor sighed

message 4: by Kenna (new)

Kenna *F*cking wiff the DJ* (BitchinWiffTheDJ) | 17 comments Ebany pulled her large cart behind her, her fourth year at hogwarts thats what it would be wouldn't it? Her large black and orange tabby she-cat tailed behind her getting distracted by the birds milling around the entrance of the train station,

"Ress, come!"

Ress padded up to Ebnay's feet and jumped up onto her car lightly and purred. Ebany pulled up to the wall that was between stations 10 and 9 and ran pushing through quickly keeping her eyes wide and open. Pulling through and pulling her cat and trunk along side her and jumping up onto a car reaching down and trying to lift her trunk, Ress jumped off rubbing her face against Ebany lovingly and sat down to grom, Ebany stuggled and tried to find multiple ways to lift the stupid trunk, sighing she looked around for someone to help her lift it into the train, a boy in a empty car sat alone looking bored Ebany took it as an oppurtunity,

"Hey you!" she chriped waving her hand above her head in a flagging gesture, "Come help me with my bloody bag please, its being a hell of a pain."

message 5: by Uditi (new)

Uditi Hermione Granger walked into a cabin with luggage but no sign of life at all.
She sighed and said "Where are they?! They'll miss the train if they're any later."
Just as she finished this sentence, Cassandra Willian came running down the walkway and almost crashed into her.

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