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Tamani i luv u!!!

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Chyna my gosh what is wrong with her!!! Laurel you idiot!! u don't need to choose just go for tamani!!!! HE's way hotter than nerdy david eww :))

Jennifer Dupriest I agree... Laurel should just pick Tamini :)

george ☽ yep! I've hated David from the start. Tamani all the way!

Lola I have always liked Tamani, but i feel like she should ditch both David and Tam because although tam is way hotter, i dont think either is really right for her.

Michelle All I can say is that if Laurel doesn't chose Tamini, It would totaly ruien the whole thing for me, Sad I know but true.

Lalie AV hey guys! you can add TAMANI on FaceBook <3
where you are free to express your love for him :)

Ruzina Tam forever. aw i love him! XD

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