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PROSPECT raises interesting questions
Dwight Okita Dwight Nov 01, 2011 05:06PM
There are many different questions that the novel Prospect of My Arrival raises. The big one: if you know what the world was really like -- would you have chosen to be born or returned to the gene pool?

By implication, another question is raised. The world economy is crumbling, senseless wars rage on, crime is skyrocketing. So is the human race evolving or backsliding?

What I really liked about your book is that it so easily moved between the individual perspective -- relationships to others, the desire to be needed, the exploration of live; and the futuristic perspective of whether as a species we are evolving, or backsliding.

Dwight Okita Thank you so much for your comment. That's a good point that the book moves between the individual issues and the more global ones. No one has ever ma ...more
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