The Back Door of Midnight (Dark Secrets, #5) The Back Door of Midnight question

Why didn't Anna notice she was psychic sooner?
Charlotte Charlotte Nov 01, 2011 04:13PM
The women of Anna's family are all supposed to be either psychic or psychotic, and throughout the book that was mentioned, but I don't see how she just randomly starts dreaming of things as soon as she's on vacation. It's like the timing is a little TOO perfect. Sure, maybe there wasn't much to "see" before, but that wouldn't stop a psychic from "seeing" things anyway, if that makes any sense. And the problem is there really was quite a lot for her to "see," like all the fires that Erika set, or her aunt and uncle before the letter was sent. She could even have noticed dreams of her adoptive family. Typically in books like this the girl realizes her "ability" at age 16 or even before, not in the middle of her 18th year while traveling.

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yeah, i know. i just finished this book and i loved it but think that it was a bit 'too perfect' like you said.

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