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message 1: by Tasha, Moderator (new)

Tasha | 239 comments Mod
This thread is now open for discussion!

message 2: by Tasha, Moderator (new)

Tasha | 239 comments Mod
This is the first book outside of the Sookie Stackhouse series I have read from Charlaine Harris..
I must say I enjoyed it as it was very different and refreshing! I'm looking forward to reading more from her!

message 3: by Lindsay, Moderator (new)

Lindsay (ltg584) | 478 comments Mod
It was definitely different from the Sookie Stackhouse series. So many authors are very one dimensional, and Charlaine Harris was able to show off her versatility. I LOVE a kick-ass woman as a lead. I felt she was so powerful, especially after being a victim.
The downside for me was the overload of useless details. I often found myself hoping that these minutiae would somehow come back as being integral to the plot, but they never did.
I really liked how the plot unwound, allowing the reader to solve the crime for themselves. Harris gave the reader all the clues, so it ended up being a bit of a game for me.

message 4: by Sue (new)

Sue Smith I've not read anything by Charlaine Harris either, and am not sure if that was a set back or not. I wasn't sure if it reflected her other books (that are so wildly popular) or not, so didn't know if it met up with her other work.

Can't say I was swept into it. I did like the strong female lead too, but sometimes felt she wavered in her resolve.....or something somewhere was missing, or lacking .......or something. I can't quite put my finger on it.

I think some the details are setting up for a series of stories with her as the central character, solving mysteries. I'll have to try another and see what other mystery could possibly happen in such a small town setting mind you. Can't say there would be that many murders!!! But I may be wrong there too!!

It wasn't a bad who-done-it all in all. Had me guessing til the end, and kicking myself when I didn't see all the clues. The red herrings were all there!

message 5: by Lindsay, Moderator (new)

Lindsay (ltg584) | 478 comments Mod
The useless details I meant weren't so much setups for future books. I meant more the complete layout of her client's apartment, down to the location of her washer/dryer. I'm not sure why a whole page was needed for that. It pulled me away from being drawn into the story. I kept getting distracted and that was why I had such a hard time getting into it.

message 6: by Sue (new)

Sue Smith Maybe that was the idea? Draw you down too many corridors and you don't know which one held the clue.

message 7: by Tasha, Moderator (new)

Tasha | 239 comments Mod
I think it sort of ended abruptly, does anyone think the same?

message 8: by Sue (new)

Sue Smith Yes. I thought the whole book was sort of stilted. I thought it may have been just me. Is her other writing like that?

message 9: by Tasha, Moderator (new)

Tasha | 239 comments Mod
Sue.. The Sookie series are really good real page turners

message 10: by Lindsay, Moderator (new)

Lindsay (ltg584) | 478 comments Mod
This one was written quite a bit earlier than the Sookie Stackhouse series, and her writing really progressed since then. Although, in my opinion, that series is being wound down. As good as it is, it's getting a little old.
Yes, I found that it ended suddenly, but it seemed to be the writing style for the book. Maybe it was supposed to feel sudden, leading more into the next book. I'm not sure I'll read any more in that series though. The characters weren't really memorable enough for me.

message 11: by Sue (new)

Sue Smith I'll have to try the Sookie series just to see.... they're read by so many people that they can't be too bad..... or at least not as so-so as this one was. I'm going to try one other of this series just to lay it to rest. Sometimes the first book is the weakest. (crosses fingers). Although I do agree that they character wasn't overly memorable.

message 12: by Tasha, Moderator (last edited Nov 06, 2011 11:11AM) (new)

Tasha | 239 comments Mod
So is there a sequel to this book as it says it's the Lily Bard Mystery #1 ?? I couldn't find the second one.

message 13: by Lindsay, Moderator (new)

Lindsay (ltg584) | 478 comments Mod
Next is Shakespeare's Champion. There are five books in the series.

message 14: by Tasha, Moderator (new)

Tasha | 239 comments Mod
Lindsay wrote: "Next is Shakespeare's Champion. There are five books in the series."

Great, thanks! I will check them out! Did you read them all?

message 15: by Lindsay, Moderator (new)

Lindsay (ltg584) | 478 comments Mod
Whenever would I find the time? ;)
I may or may not try the next one. Right now, I have two first reads books waiting, plus three more that all came in at the library at the same time.
Maybe I'll try to read the next one in the new year...

message 16: by Jocelin (new)

Jocelin Sorry I have been slacking on my group reads. Needless, to say I have not read this one. I will try to do better.

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