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Anticipation Guide Statements

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message 1: by Mrs. Mendoza (new)

Mrs. Mendoza Please post the statement from the anticipation guide and post a thoughtful, well-considered, well-constructed, scholarly response making reference to particular texts.

It is possible to leave one's childhood completely behind.
People with different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities or values can live together side by side in peace.
It is acceptable for parents to treat one child differently than they treat another one.
Alcoholism and suicide are natural consequences for people who have deep-rooted problems.It is possible to be a part of more than one culture.
A person can redeem himself or herself no matter what.
A person can be spiritual without being religious.
It is better to hold on to one’s beliefs no matter what rather than compromise.
Words can heal.
A family is made up only of people related by blood.People can be bound together by common beliefs and ideologies.
People can forgive and forget.

message 2: by Alejandro (new)

Alejandro Varela "Alcoholism and suicide are natural consequences for people who have deep-rooted problems."
For me this statement is 100% untrue. I am aware that in a lot of cases, "deep-rooted problems" end up causing people to resort to alcohol or even suicide. However, this does not mean that is a "natural consequence" to recur to any of these actions. When thinking about this topic, I related it to the poem of "Yo Soy Juaquín" by Rodolfo Gonzales, that Mr. Mendoza presented in his class. In this poem, Rodolfo Gonzales illustrated the issues and complications he had lived through, and how he had manage to overpower them instead of recurring to any "natural consequence".
Just like Rodolfo Gonzales, I believe that the decision of what we do with our lives always rests in ourselves. Consequently, when problems appear in our lives, it is our decision to say if we are going to turn in to alcohol, suicide or any other type of escape; or if we are going to confront this problem.

message 3: by Yesenia (new)

Yesenia Statement: One person can be part of more than one culture.

I holistically agree with this statement, especially, as an American citizen. Since we are living in the United States, we are part of a country that was built on the dreams and hopes of people from various cultural backgrounds. The statue of liberty sends a call to all countries saying “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.” To truly be an American, this call has to be engraved in our soul. All of my life, culture has been front and center. I have lived in Mexico, moved to the United States, and I have established a relationship with an African American boy. Having to assimilate or become accustomed to these different cultures has been a challenge, but a challenge that I have completely enjoyed. As I was reading The N Word, the ideas of different cultures flooded my mind. Are young African Americans a separate culture from the older generations of African Americans? And can we lose a part of our culture by referring to each other in terms that were considered offensive to our older generations? All these thoughts are a part of my daily life. The Emma Lazarous quote, my cultural background and the message of The N Word all contain bits and pieces of different cultures. Therefore, not only can one person be part of more then one culture, every person should be part of more than one culture.

message 4: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Statement: It is better to hold onto ones beliefs no matter what rather than compromise.

I agree that it is important to hold onto ones principles and be confident about their own opinions. Not to be confused with bigotry, a person can be openminded to other perspectives and still remain resolved in their own beliefs. To put simply one should have their own viewpoints, opinions, and ideas rather than just passively accepting those of others. Our class has been focusing a lot on the power of words and the importance of being able to speak with conviction. Not everything can be resolved solely on compromise. There comes many situations where You have to make clear choices in life.

Thinking about this statement I remembered back to a class discussion amongst some the seniors about the N word article. There had been some debate on when and where people felt it was okay to use the N word. I think some of us came to indesive answers because there was an attempt to find some kind of compromise. Instead of agreeing or disagreeing on whether the word should be used at all.

message 5: by Emily (new)

Emily Nekolek Statement : It is possible to be a part of more than one culture.
I agree with this statement. We read about this in Love Medicine. The main character is a Native American who lived on the reservation all her life, but then she went to college in the big city. When she went back to the reservation to visit, she became part of that culture again. And when she was at college she was part of that culture. Basically she could fit in with both cultures.

message 6: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Van Statement: A family is made up only of people related by blood.
For many different reasons i must say that this statment is false. A family is consisted of the people you are closest to whether that be your mother or one of your childhood friends. In a family the people involved think for the sake of their family and not just themselves. Sadly, there are people whom are naturally selfish and this is why the relatives you are given cannot be your true family. If we follow this definition we get families with abusive parents and drunken elder siblings and dissobiedient young ones. Your relatives may very well be your family but this is not the case for everyone, maybe your relatives became your family the day you can thisnk but for alot of us that isnt the case and so that is why families are not just your blood relatives.

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